10 Best Horror Movie Easter Eggs, According To Reddit

Fans love finding references and clues in horror movies, and Redditors share the best Easter eggs in Scream, Halloween H20, and Bride of Chucky.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a great horror movie and finding a reference to another story that suggests a shared universe or just a playful nod. Fans of the horror genre are smart and observant and love finding those little clues that hint at a bigger meaning or are just fun and entertaining. Sometimes these are clear right away and other times you have to watch the movie again to see them.

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From a memorable cameo in Yell To some familiar Easter eggs reminiscent of famous horror franchises, fans on Reddit are sharing the most interesting and exciting things they’ve noticed in their favorite horror movies.

ten Maddie wrote a book called Midnight Mass In Hush

Redditor NoWorthierTurnip points out that in silence“The Maddie book that Sarah is reading is called Midnight Mass‘, which is also the same title of the Netflix show about small-town residents whose lives change when a new priest moves in.

It is interesting to note that Midnight Mass references the work of Mike Flanagan and that this filmmaker and television showrunner is known for including numerous Easter eggs suggesting that his stories are set in the same creepy and fascinating universe.

9 Characters in Halloween H20 Watch Scream 2

Josh Harnett and Michelle Williams in Halloween H20

Halloween H20 lets fans of the horror franchise catch up with Laurie Strode, and this time she’s running a fancy school while raising her son and hoping Michael Myers can’t find her. This film is fun, although nowhere near as popular as the original 1978 film, and it also includes a fun Easter egg.

In this film, Sarah and Molly, who is Laurie’s son John’s girlfriend, “watch Cry 2 on television,” according to Editor Winston159.


8 Scream janitor wears Freddy Krueger sweater

Wes Craven cameo as Freddy Krueger in Scream

Since Wes Craven is the brilliant mind behind Yell and Freddie, two of the most popular and beloved horror movies of all time, it only makes sense that there’s an Easter egg connecting the two movies in a really cool and entertaining way.

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Redditor ladida54 wrote: “Wes Craven made an appearance in Yell as a janitor wearing a Freddy Krueger-style sweater.” It’s one of the most unforgettable moments in ’90s film, which is saying a lot because it’s such a great movie.

7 Billy shares a last name with Halloween’s Dr. Loomis

Split image of Billy Loomis in Scream and Dr. Loomis on Halloween

Billy may not be friendly Yell character, but Sidney Prescott’s high school boyfriend is impressing fans not only because he dons the Ghostface mask and costume, but also because he shares a last name with a classic horror movie character. .

Redditor SailAway84 noted, “Billy’s last name is Loomis, which we all know is a reference to Michael’s doctor at Halloween.”

6 There’s a fun saw clue in Insidious

Patrick Wilson sitting in his classroom with his painting in Insidious

Redditor JuiceHig mentioned the easter egg at the end of Insidiouswriting that “the chalkboard in Patrick Wilson’s classroom had a drawing of the Jigsaw puppet with an ‘8’ under it to confirm another Seen the movie was coming.”

Considering James Wan is the talented producer behind both of these movies, it makes sense that there’s a cool Easter egg in there. Insidious referencing the popular villain Seen franchise.

5 Krampus References Trick ‘r Treat

Box of sweets with a Krampus lollipop

Krampus is an entertaining and spooky Christmas horror movie, and Redditor AliceReadsThis noticed that “Max’s Halloween candy includes the lollipop weapon of Trick or treats.”

Michael Dougherty wrote and directed both movies, and it’s fun to imagine the characters living in the same universe, especially since one focuses on a spooky winter vacation and the other on how whose October 31 goes very badly for a group of characters.

4 Tim Curry’s Pennywise is in the movie It 2017

IT - Tim Curry as Pennywise in The Library

Pennywise is scary in the 2017 This movie, as he tracks down the children, takes them into the sewers, and the Losers Club are terrified of him, haunted even though it’s been many years since they’ve heard of him.

Redditor btk4f said there was a ’90s miniseries Easter egg in the 2017 film, writing that there was a “Tim Curry’s Pennywise doll when Richie is locked in the clown room” in This.

3 There are Freddy Krueger gloves in Evil Dead 2

the evil Dead the trilogy is campy but that’s exactly why it has such a large fan base, and they’re the kind of horror movies that are a joy to watch while being cool to watch too.

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Redditor MasterJedi77 mentioned that Freddy Krueger’s gloves are in the evil Dead sequel and wrote that it’s “my favorite horror movie so by default this easter egg is my favorite”.

2 Carter from Happy Death Day has a John Carpenter movie poster

Split image of Tree and Carter and They Live poster in Happy Death Day

Carter is a great horror movie boyfriend to main character Tree and it’s fun that he knows other scary stories, which is helpful as he learns about Tree’s weird time loop.

1 Chucky’s Bride Has Multiple Horror Movie Easter Eggs

an evidence locker with horror movie props inside: a visible mask and freddy's glove

Chucky’s bride is an excellent entry into the Child’s play horror franchise, and this sequel contains Easter eggs that make fans of the genre very happy.

redditor must mentioned that there is a “storage room with confiscated items” and there are “freddys gloves and jasons mask”. The room is also called an evidence locker and it’s really fun to see it in the movie.

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