10 Easter Egg Editors Found In The Movie

Warning: This list contains spoilers for Lightyear.

The new Pixar movie Light year is no exception to the rule that each new release from the studio will include three things: a good story, stunning visuals, and Easter eggs from previous projects. The film hit theaters on June 17 and explains the backstory of everyone’s favorite Space Ranger, who would become the toy viewers grew up with in the toy story movies.

Even though this film is set before most other Pixar films, it still includes references to previous releases. Reddit users who have already seen the film have taken to the site to share where they have found Easter eggs from other films and franchises.


written in the stars

Luxo Jr. in the stars in Lightyear

Luxo Jr. is a staple in Pixar’s Easter egg catalog. In Light year, there are many opportunities for hidden detail with the vast landscapes and scenes unfolding in space. Editor AshleyInPink posted a blog with many Easter eggs in the movie.

They spotted Luxo Jr. saying, “In the star, Luxo Jr. can be seen as a constellation.” When first shown, this easter egg is nearly impossible to see unless the movie can be paused at the right time. However, in the photo on the far right, the stars connect to form Luxo Jr.

Zurg’s Identity

What does zurg look like

The Evil Emporer Zurg is an essential part of Buzz Lightyear’s story. Editor LeCandyrox21 caught a vocal easter egg. They said, “…in this movie, Zurg is future Buzz himself, and they make a joke out of it where Buzz calls his future ‘dad’ the first time he sees him.”

This line refers to the moment in toy story 2 where Zurg is revealed to be Buzz’s father. The original moment was a play on one of Star Wars’ most iconic scenes, and since Lightyear is supposed to star on star wars plots, a callback at this time is not surprising.

SpaceX reference

There has been speculation about Buzz Lightyear’s partner and the origin of her name. Some fans found Hawthorne to be an interesting choice in the character’s name and believe it may refer to space travel and SpaceX. Reddit user outside man posted the photo above wondering whether or not it was a nod to Elon Musk’s space adventure.

They further explained, “The name tag ‘Hawthorne’ of the person running Mission Control, which is also where SpaceX Mission Control is located, Hawthorne California.” Other fans thought it was a reach since Hawthorne isn’t an uncommon surname.

A frozen favorite

Pixar and Disney are sister companies, so it makes sense that a few Disney Animated Studios characters would appear in Pixar projects. Reddit user the-reverend91 said, “Am I the only one who sees a sneaky hidden Olaf in the Lightyear trailer?” Next to The Turnip there’s a lot of foliage, but some Redditors think a boulder looks like beloved snowman Olaf poking his head around the boulder.

It’s one of the most hidden easter eggs in the movie and you can’t see it without stopping.

The end matches the beginning of Toy Buzz


As expected, Light year has many reminders to toy story series. Editor RenegadeBraveheart remarked, “I had a smile on my face watching it and loved the references. I liked the original look of the space ranger suits, but the suits at the end with the laser and the added wing packs were niiiice and ship shaped like the Buzz box was in.”

These two details connect the origin story film to the original 1995 story and act as a bridge between the film’s ending and Buzz’s fresh start in toy story when Andy introduced him.

Friends of Wall-E

Pixar included Easter eggs right up to the very last second of this movie. With three end credit scenes, there was room for additional sneaky cameos from other Pixar characters. Editor Impossible-Fun-2736 informed fans who may have missed the final scene, “In the first scene of the end credits, there’s a little trophy on a shelf in Burnside’s office. Also, BURN•E from WALL•E.”

Small trinkets on shelves or desks are often Easter eggs in Pixar movies. turn red included Light year Easter eggs on shelves in classrooms and offices.

Disneyland Attractions

Members of the public who enjoy the Disney parks have noticed that the construction of the new Star Command base resembles a beloved attraction at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. When some users, Redditors, could not name the attraction, the user polite8999 quickly responded with “Space Mountain at Disneyland”.

Attraction mimics hyperspace footage in Light year and is now rumored to get a new full theme to match the movie. Disney has updated many of its long-running rides to accommodate new franchises, such as the new splash mountaindestined to become princess and the frog-theme.

Sector 4 Gamma Quadrant

Star Command's Buzz Lightyear

The Gamma Quadrant of Sector Four is one of the most critical parameters in the Buzz Lightyear Universe, as it is where most toy story Buzz’s adventures happen. The Gamma Quadrant is mentioned in both the original movies and the Buzz Lightyear animated series. Editor yrqrm0 noticed that it was said in Light year.

They said, “In Toy Story, Zurg would be from the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4, where they’re heading at the end of this movie.” This Easter egg could create a new trilogy of films surrounding the adventures of the Space Rangers.

Pizza Planet Truck

One of the most coveted Easter eggs in any Pixar film is the Pizza Planet Truck. Now that the truck has become something fans have come to expect, Pixar has gotten better at hiding the vehicle. Light year is no exception. As the character most closely associated with Pizza Planet, aside from the Little Green Men, Redditors were asking everywhere where the truck was in the movie.

Editor Nexus_DarkShadow shared the tweet of the photo of where to find the truck. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like the right vehicle; however, the white light on the roof is Pizza Planet Rocket.

Old video games

Ivan in Lightyear

Even though Light year Set on a technologically advanced planet, the film is still set in the 1990s. Fans have noticed a reference to video games being played on cartridges rather than discs. A Reddit The user said: “NGL, the best Easter egg (if you want to call it that) was when Buzz Lightyear blew on the IVAN device like it was an S/ NES. Put on a big smile and I had a giggle.”

This small detail helped remind viewers that this was not a film set in the future despite the use of time travel and was aimed at adults in theaters playing cartridge games.

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