10 Easter Eggs Spotted By Reddit Fans

An Easter egg is a hidden image or message sprinkled throughout a movie, TV show, or video game. At Disney Encanto, Easter eggs are plentiful as they have been found in scenes, songs, and even fashion choices. Disney is known for the Easter eggs they include in their movies, and Encanto was no different.

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At Reddit, fans came together to share the hidden messages and moments they noticed while watching and re-watching the film. With eagle-eyed fans in the mix, there was no shortage of Easter Eggs between compelling cinematography and an enchanting plot about character powers.


An ‘M’ for Madrigal

The nice thing about the Madrigal family is that fans can connect with different characters based on their personality type. With such a colorful family, fans loved learning more about the Madrigals.

In one scene, madrigals come together and pose in a single formation. PippyPiplup noted that they formed in the shape of an “M”. Shortly after, Abuela appeared in the center of the background, making the ‘M’ shape more prominent. The Redditor wasn’t sure if this “was intentional or not”, but it looks like an easter egg to show family unity.

A hidden Bruno in the art of the poster

For any fans who speculated that Bruno was living among the Madrigals undetected, they were right. As noted, Mirabel found her Uncle Bruno hiding within the walls of Casita. He noted that he was not good for the family but he loved them so he didn’t want to be separated from them.

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Editor Clear-Ad-3668 noted that in the Encanto poster, they spotted a Bruno Easter egg hidden in the background. It’s a secret nod to the character who hides from his family but is always there because of his love for them.

Bruno hidden in the background

“We don’t talk about Bruno” is one of the Encanto’s most popular musical numbers. The song is catchy and the movements in each scene are incredibly detailed and realistic.

In the scene where Dolores and Mirabel are dancing together, Fangirl_to_the_max wrote: “Has anyone else caught this?” with a photo of Bruno hiding in the background as the two cousins ​​danced. Bruno’s movements are so quick it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but it’s a fantastic Disney detail to add in a song about his character.

Pedro and Mariano

In a song sung by Abeula Alma, she gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how she met her late husband, Pedro. The two met at a festival and fell in love, having three children. When he died, it was the Magic Candle and Casita that kept his spirit alive.

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Fast forward to when Isabella was supposedly engaged to Mariano, ToysWereUsPodcast noted how much the two men looked alike. They said Reddit, “I noticed a very interesting thing. Alma wanting Isabela to marry Mariano was even more selfish than it seemed because Isabela and Mariano are identical to Alma and Pedro.” This could mean that the only reason Alma wanted Isabela to marry Mariano was because of her resemblance to Pedro.

A subtle homage to Disney’s Frozen

A shared image of Mirabel with her family and Elsa from Frozen

Fans who enjoyed Encanto would like more Disney movies like Coco, tangled, and even Frozen. As different as Frozen and Encanto are, TuscaroraBeach noticed a little wink at Frozen in a song.

the Editor said, “The most obvious [Easter egg] for me Bruno’s lyrics in ‘All of You’ – “Let it snow, let it go!” seems to be a clear reference to Snow Queen ‘Let it go.'” another fan chimed in and said, “Did you also notice the piano playing in the background as Bruno sings ‘let it go’? That’s the melody ‘Let It Go’!”

Dolores and sound waves

Dolors is one of the nicest characters in Encanto. Mirabel’s cousin is delicate, charming and slyly funny. Dolores was given the power of enhanced hearing so she could hear a pin drop and hear most of the gossip around town unintentionally.

Editor QueenStargaryen said, “His clothes are decorated with sound waves! How did I notice that!” The prints on the top of Dolores’ dress look like different sound waves. But Dolores wasn’t the only one, her family members also had subtle hints of their character in their clothes.

Green Glasses For Bruno

A shared image of Mirabel and Bruno in different Encanto scenes

It is an unpopular opinion to dislike Bruno. Just because he was given the power of psychic abilities doesn’t mean he wanted everyone in his family to have gloomy visions.

Whenever Bruno was described by Mirabel’s family members, he was depicted with a dark green aura around him because when he saw his visions, a bright green mist surrounded him. However, Diving noticed a small link between Mirabel and Bruno — his glasses. “The color of the glasses is unique – roughly the same shade of green as Bruno’s clothes. I think this is to tie them together as family outcasts,” they wrote. The lime green glasses might connect her to Bruno as the family outcasts in this Easter egg.

An ode to the little mermaid

A split image of Abuela Alma in Encanto and Ariel swimming in The Little Mermaid

Another small detail that some fans missed Encanto was the subtle shout out to Lin Manuel’s love for Disney The little Mermaid. Lin Manuel (from hamilton fame) wrote most of the songs on Encanto’s soundtrack and couldn’t resist adding a few easter eggs throughout.

User Xxsmapc5xx Recount Reddit an Easter egg they noticed. “I believe Lin Manuel intentionally put the melody of ‘Under the Sea’ in ‘Dos Oruguitas.'” They continued, “The little Mermaid and this song inspired him from a young age to become a songwriter. It’s a brilliant tribute to the song that started it all for him.”

Dolores and attention to detail

A split image of Mirabel under the fireworks and Dolores holding her ears

Since Dolores has improved hearing, she hears everything, whether she likes it or not. However, one detail that some fans missed was how loud sounds affected Dolores. Matty Camachio shared a Reddit message that showed Dolores clapping with two fingers during Antonio’s big night. “We see Dolores clapping with her index fingers. It’s because she has super hearing,” they wrote.

Dolores clapping with her fingers reinforces that the applause is too loud for her. Likewise, there is another scene where she was seen holding her ears as fireworks burst through the air.

A small gesture from Hamilton

Luisa dancing near a turntable on Encanto

Luisa is Mirabel’s older sister who received the gift of strength. She is the strongest person in the village and is responsible for much of what happens in town. Luisa had many inspirational quotes in Encanto because of its purpose.

In one scene, as Luisa sings “Under the Surface”, she can be seen standing in the center of a turntable. TropicLush Recount Reddit, “Has anyone else noticed the nod to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s choreographic specialty with the simultaneous decks going in opposite directions during Luisa’s song?” Other fans responded to the amazing Easter egg and gave a nod to the songwriter’s journey.

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