10 Easter Eggs You Missed In The Uncharted Movie

the Unexplored The movie was a movie made for fans of the video game series and anyone who loves an action-adventure story infused with bits of comedy. The long-awaited movie wasn’t perfect, but it was a love letter to PlayStation users and Nathan Drake admirers. That’s what made Unexplored such an endearing and memorable blockbuster.

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The filmmakers paid great attention to detail in researching Unexplored repeatedly referencing the original series, even placing scenes that look like they were taken from the games. If the critics didn’t like Unexplored for technical and plot-driven aspects or not, the subtle (and obvious) nods to the games have won the love of gamers and casual adventure fans alike.

ten The Auction Heist

The cross key in Uncharted at auction

The spectators who played the fourth match of the Unexplored the series was perhaps familiar with the auction scene. In the film, this is essentially the first time Tom Holland’s Nate and Mark Wahlberg’s Sully work together to obtain one of the crucifix keys needed to unlock the door to Magellan’s treasure.

Although the scene plays out differently in terms of the characters involved and the outcome, it’s an apparent reference to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Endwhich included a former Sully, Nate and Sam Drake in the plan.

9 The naughty dog

The naughty dog ​​logo for Uncharted

public and Unexplored players may have noticed a prominent red paw print stuck inside Nate’s old suitcase, which is full of various items from his days at the orphanage. It’s not just a random logo from an irrelevant movie company, but a famous logo from the Santa Monica-based game developer The naughty dog.

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Aside from those with keen eyes looking for small details like these, most viewers may have missed the sticker or brushed it off as nothing more than an unimportant symbol.

8 Nate’s lighter

Nate uses the lighter on Sam's postcard in Uncharted

Viewers watching the Unexplored The movie might find it comical that Nate refuses to let go of his old lighter despite its many failed uses. Some fans might excuse Nate’s attachment to the lighter as a reference to Nate’s bond with Sam, and he keeps it as a keepsake of his older brother.

Either way, his lighter addiction might become more prominent if there was a second film. The lighter is useful in the fourth game for solving puzzles, that is, when Sam comes back into the picture.

7 hanging on a thread

Nate dragging out of the cargo plane in Uncharted

fans of the Unexplored the games would be disappointed if the filmmakers were negligent in including a flashforward moment where Nathan Drake is incredibly suspended from a large machine that will explode or fall off a cliff.

Unexplored opened by a scene recalling Uncharted 3: The Drake Illusion. It featured Nate waking up in the air as he was caught in the net of a cargo crate and suspended from an airplane, then climbing. It was a clear connection to video games.

6 drake ring

Nate's ring reads sic parvis magna in uncharted

Nate’s ring, which previously belonged to Sir Francis Drake, becomes something of an essential tool in the third game (along with a cipher), but Nate cherishes it more as a family heirloom. The ring that Nate wears around his neck is engraved “Sic Parvis Magna”. He and Sam claim it is their family motto, believing themselves to be descendants of the ancient explorer who previously owned the ring.

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With the way the Unexplored movie takes place, it’s gearing up for the sequel to be based on the fourth game in the series. There is a chance that this ring will become the center of the next Unexplored movie.

5 Ships in the cave

Magellan's Abandoned Ships in Uncharted

During the Unexplored movie, Nate realizes that the treasure he and Sully are looking for is still on the ships abandoned by Magellan’s crew. From camera angles to score, Tom Holland’s Nate encountering Magellan’s ships in the cave looks like a scene pulled straight from Game 4.

In The end of a thief, Nate also finds an ancient ship (belonging to Captain Avery) in a similar cave off Libertalia. However, this ship does not travel very far from its graveyard.

4 “Good good good”

Mark Whalberg as Sully in Uncharted

Sully is well known as Nate’s father figure in games, and he falls into that position quite a bit during the Unexplored movie too. As such, he’s no stranger to dad jokes and uses them whenever he gets the chance. His jokes predominate in the Unexplored film where adventurers find what appears to be a well, leading them underground.

Sully takes the opportunity to proclaim “well, well, well”. Although no one finds it funny in the Unexplored movie, Nate bursts out laughing at the same joke during a similar situation in the games and even steals it in the fourth.

3 “Ah, Cr*p”


Although some had a hard time seeing Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Unexplored, specific features, costume choices, phrases, and her commitment to the role were well received by loyal fans. Those who have played all or part of Unexplored games would know that one of Nate’s most used terms in many dire situations is the sweet curse word, “cr*p”.

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If the public were to count how many times the word is used in games, there are around 150+ uses in all four. Of course, the writers didn’t fail to throw in a handful for Holland’s Nate.

2 Sully’s Mustache

For anyone who stuck around long enough to watch the post-credits scene, they got to see a brief moment between Gabriel Roman (a prominent antagonist in the games) and Sully, finally sporting his famous mustache. Sully is known to be an older man with white hair, holiday pimples, and a consistent mustache, so it might have been disappointing for fans to see Mark Wahlberg’s Sully clean-shaven until after the credits.

Although the Unexplored The film takes several creative liberties in making itself a prequel, this scene and the scene with Sam in prison are the setting up for the inevitable sequel to the film, which will certainly be focused on the fourth game in the series.

1 A familiar voice

Nolan North makes an appearance in the movie Uncharted

Voice actors are the unsung heroes of the world of animation, various other forms of media, and the gaming universe. The players and Unexplored fans who know the voice actors behind their favorite characters were thrilled to notice one Easter egg in particular. Nolan North relaxed on the beach where Nate and Chloe swam after crashing in the ocean, commenting on their looks.

Many fans were hoping that the actor who voiced Nathan in the Unexplored the series would portray the character in live-action, so they felt a wave of nostalgia upon seeing North’s cameo. However, her looks may have gone over some viewers’ heads.

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