10 Futurama Easter Eggs You’ll Only Notice On A New Watch

Futurama aired at the turn of the century, captivating audiences with its unique plot. The misadventures of Philip J. Fry as he wakes up 1000 years in the future speaks to the anxiety felt by many viewers welcoming the 2000s. Clever timing of the animated series aside, Futurama is known for its high-level humor and shiny Easter eggs.

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Most Easter eggs are from pop culture and are easily understood by most viewers. However, some references require proofreading so fans can discover the hidden meanings. Rooted in science fiction, Futurama also provides viewers with many science jokes. The series’ connections include numerous fanbases and even incorporated obscure Easter eggs as a nod to niche interests.

ten Leela’s parents make an early appearance

Foreshadowing is an essential part of the series and is done differently throughout the series. The second season premiere episode (“I Second That Emotion”) features Leela’s parents in the crowd; however, this easter egg needs fans to review the series.

It takes viewers until Season 4 to finally experience Leela’s origin story in “Leela’s Homeworld.” After deciphering the note left for baby Leela at the orphanage, the Planet Express crew discovers that although Leela is passed for an alien, she is indeed a mutant like her parents.

9 Even brief scenes in the convenience store have a lot to unpack

The jokes in Futurama are multi-tiered and targeted at a specific group. For example, in the opening scene of “The Route of All Evil”, Bender and Fry buy a six-pack of Klein beers from “seven to the eleventh power”.

Even on a rewatch, this joke requires scientific training. All Klein bottles are one-sided, like the object described by Felix Klein. Another brand of beer is the St. Pauli Exclusion Principle Girl Beer, which combines the principle of quantum mechanics and the alcohol of the St. Pauli Girl.

8 Ice-nine is a nod to the cat’s cradle

Futurama often references other media satirically, but the show sometimes likes to highlight great works. For example, “War Is the H-Word” opens with a clear vision of “seven to the power of eleven”, which is the series equivalent of 7-Eleven.

In the store window there is a signature advertisement “FREE BAG OF ICE-9 WITH 6-PACK”, this links to the 1963 novel by Kurt Vonnegut, The cat’s cradle.This novel implemented science fiction elements and contained a substance called “Ice-nine”, which can freeze people upon close contact.

seven The mysterious number nine is meant to intrigue viewers

A mysterious man dressed in a white shirt with the number “9” appears in the crowd throughout the series and pilot, “Bender’s Big Score”, “My Three Suns”, and “How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove”. He only seems to give Fry random orders before walking away. Fans only find out that he is the leader of a group of telepaths called the Legion of Mad Fellows in the movie. Futurama: Into the wild green there.

As Matt Groening was a huge Beatles fan, many fans have linked the mystery surrounding number 9 to John Lennon’s lucky number. Lennon often found it amusing how people delved into the meaning of the number; likewise, fans kept trying to figure out the importance of this character.

6 Fans might understand that Fry will become his own grandfather with this Easter egg

In “The Luck of the Fryrish”, down on his luck, Fry attempts to retrieve the seven-leaf clover he hid during his youth. Several flashbacks provide insight into Fry’s relationship with his brother, Yancy.

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In one of the scenes, Fry’s father (Yancy) tells Yancy that their name is passed on to all male descendants but leaves Fry and his grandfather off the list. This conversation foreshadowed the events of “Rosewell with a Happy Ending”, in which Fry, the only member not named Yancy, becomes his own grandfather.

5 After Four Seasons, Professor Farnsworth’s Oddly Labeled Dossier Makes Sense

In the pilot, Fry is to receive a career chip after being taken out of the cryogenic tank by his then Fate Assignment Officer, Leela. After a long chase between Leela and Fry, they reunite with Professor Farnsworth and are given new career tokens to join the Planet Express crew with Bender.

Professor Farnworth pulls out the bullet points from a folder titled “Contents of Space Wasp’s Stomach”, foreshadowing the Season 4 episode “The Sting”. the team embarks on a dangerous mission where giant bees nearly devour them. This is the mission that their predecessors did not return by linking the wasp’s stomach file.

4 Pazuzu refers to a graphic novel from the 1970s

Like many great anime series, Futurama is known for its pop culture references. However, his connections are sometimes very niche. For example, in “Teenage Mutant Leela Hurdles”, the gargoyle Pazuzu grants Professor Farnsworth three wishes. Although Pazuzu’s species is never confirmed, his glowing eyes and horns mimic the appearance of demons.

The demonic appearance refers to the antagonist (Pazuzu) in Jacques Tardi’s graphic novel, The Demon of the Eiffel Tower. To reinforce the French connection, Pazuzu speaks the language and is featured next to the Eiffel Tower at the end of the episode.

3 Many fans miss the connection to life in hell

Most fans can easily choose Matt Groening’s productions because of their unique animation style. Futurama, The Simpsons, and Disenchantment used easter eggs to make a connection. However, many viewers missed the references to Akbar, Blinky and Bongo, three characters from life in hell, a comic also created by Groening.

In the show’s pilot episode, Fry walks past a building in the distance with illuminated letters spelling out AKBAR. In the next episode, “The Series Has Landed”, one of the claw machine toys is Blinky. The second season also featured Bongo as one of the pet shop animals in “XMAS Story”.

2 The culprit who pushed the fry into the cryogenic tank has been there all along

Nibbler’s first official encounter with the Planet Express crew was on Vergon 6 in “Love’s Labors Lost In Space”, when Leela saves him. However, the careful observer would have noticed his shadow under Fry’s chair in the pilot episode.

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The audience discovers many secrets about Nibbler, as if he was the Supreme Fuzzler, capable of producing dark matter, and it was he who pushed Fry into the cryogenic tank. This Season 4 reveal (“Fry’s Why”) connects the dots to why Nibbler’s shadow was present in the pilot.

1 1729 is an easter egg that only math lovers can understand

Some audiences may have noticed the repetition of “1729” throughout the series; however, not all viewers could decipher the meaning. The Hardy-Ramanujan or taxi number also appears in the Nimbus registration (BP-1729); this vital vessel leads the Democratic Order of the Planets into war.

Bender receives a greeting card saying “Merry Xmas son #1729” in “Xmas Story” from his mother. Similarly, “The Farnsworth Parabox” takes the Planet Express crew to different parallel universes, including the 1729 universe. The creators took this easter egg to the next level in “Bender’s Big Score” by featuring a numbered cab according to a variant of the “taxicab”. number (87539319).

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