30 Restaurants Open Easter Sunday 2022: Starbucks Easter Hours

Looking for an Easter brunch or dinner, or a grab-and-go snack for the road? You’re in luck: these restaurants are open on Easter Sunday. Goodbye, cooking and cleaning!

Foodies take note: these restaurants are open on Easter Sunday 2022

Easter Sunday falls on April 15 this year, and it will be here before you know it. There are a lot of things that go into planning an Easter celebration, like hosting Easter egg hunts, getting Easter baskets for the whole family, and coordinating other fun Easter traditions with everyone. Besides that, you have Easter dinner and brunch to prepare. There’s a lot to juggle, so if you want to get something off your plate, consider grabbing some food from one of these restaurants open over Easter.

Whether you’re looking for a full Easter meal or a quick grab-and-go snack, these restaurants have options that will make your Easter a little easier. No cooking, no cleaning, just delicious food with the ones you love the most. Quick note: Although these restaurants have advertised that they will be open on Easter Sunday, it’s best to call ahead to confirm times and make reservations where you can. Don’t forget to bookmark those stores that are open on Easter too, just in case you need a last minute Easter basket.

What restaurants are open at Easter?

Applebees: If you want to “eat well in the neighborhood” at Easter, you’re in luck! Applebees is open normal hours on Easter Sunday. However, Applebees restaurants are independently owned, so it’s best to call your local Applebees to confirm their hours.

Bob Evans: Bob Evans is open for Easter this year. You can dine in, take out or order delivery for brunch or Easter dinner.

Grilled bone fish: If you crave seafood at Easter, book at Grilled bone fish. Or, you can take out and enjoy food at home.

Boston Market: Don’t feel like cooking Easter dinner? Boston Market got you covered. Order delicious heat and serve a meal for the whole family and collect it after your family’s Easter egg hunt is over.

Wild Buffalo Wings: Enjoy drums and flats of your choice this Easter by stopping at Wild Buffalo Wings; the wing chain will be open for dine-in and take-out.

Burger King: Burger King is generally open during normal hours at Easter. However, as most locations are private, some locations may have reduced hours or be closed. If you fancy a Whopper on Easter Sunday, call your local restaurant to ask if it’s open.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill: All pitches are open at Easter. Enjoy dinner or take your meal from by Carrabba go.

Chilli’s: You can cross Chilli’s doors and hear “Welcome to Chili’s!” Easter Sunday, as the pitches are open at the usual times.

Cracker Barrel: More Cracker Barrel locations will be open so you can stop for a meal or pick it up to take home.

At Denny’s: Denny’s will be open regular hours on Easter Sunday – great news for all Easter brunchers!

Dominoes: Want pizza at Easter? Order delivery of Dominoes—the pizza chain is generally open during regular hours at Easter. However, some local stores may have reduced hours, so it’s best to call ahead to check.

Dunkin’: Grab a coffee on the go while stopping at Dunkin’ at Easter; most locations will be open normal hours.

I JUMP: Start Easter morning with delicious flapjacks at I JUMP. Most IHOP locations will be open during regular business hours over Easter, but call your local IHOP to verify their hours.

KFC: KFC restaurants are generally open during normal hours on Easter Sunday, but some locations may have reduced hours. To be sure, call your local restaurant to confirm their holiday hours.

McDonald’s: Yes you can get Chicken McNuggets, fries and a Coke from McDonald’s Easter Sunday. The chain is generally open during regular hours, but some locations may have reduced hours.

Garden of olive trees: Don’t fancy ham for Easter dinner? Get some pasta instead, olive garden. Dine in or order takeout for the whole family.

Backcountry Steakhouse: Outback Steakhouse locations will be open at Easter this year – steak lovers rejoice!

PF Chang: PF Chang’s is open on Easter Sunday, so don’t hesitate to book or take away.

Panera bread: Typically, panera bread is open at Easter; some locations may have reduced hours.

Daddy Johns: Daddy Johns is usually open on Easter Sunday, but it’s best to call your local restaurant to check.

Red lobster: red lobster is open at Easter, so you can indulge in a delicious seafood dinner if you wish – yum!

Robin: Typically, Red Robin locations are open around Easter, so you can enjoy a gourmet burger if you wish.

Ruby Tuesday: Ruby Tuesday the pitches will be open at Easter. Brunch is waiting for you!

Starbucks: Most Starbucks locations are open Easter, but some locations may be closed. Call your local Starbucks or find it on Starbucks Store Locator to check their schedules.

Taco Bell: To live mas at Easter! Taco Bell locations will be open on public holidays.

Texas Truck Stop: If you feel like it Texas Truck Stop rolls around Easter, we have good news: Texas Roadhouse locations will be open for dine-in and take-out.

The cheesecake factory: The cheesecake factory will be open on Easter, so you can make a reservation and dine for brunch or dinner. Don’t forget to order dessert!

Tim Hortons: Have a coffee on Easter Sunday at Tim Hortons—the locations will be open for the holidays.

Waffle Restaurant: Good news for breakfast lovers: waffle restaurant the pitches will be open for Easter.

At Wendy’s: Wendy’s locations are generally open at Easter, but hours at some locations may vary. We recommend calling your local restaurant to confirm their hours.

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Alicia R. Rucker