8 Easter Eggs You May Not Have Noticed in ‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’

Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers, currently streaming on Disney+, is one of the latest movies to feature a hurricane of cameos and references to existing IP addresses. In this world of endless possibilities, anime characters reside among humans and just try to live their best life. Although it’s a Disney movie, the callbacks don’t end there – everything from Sonic’s original terrifying design to ET appears in the film in one form or another.

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With all the Easter Eggs scattered throughout this action-packed adventure, it can be hard to keep track and notice each one. Some are more prominent, while others you’ll miss if you blink. There are a few appearances that audiences may have missed that are worth keeping an eye out for when rewatching.

Dobby for Gucci

When Chip (John Mulaney) leaves Monterary Jack’s (Eric Bana) apartment once he warned them about the contraband kidnappings and had an awkward encounter with Dale (Andy Samberg), the chipmunk walks the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Instead of human celebrities, characters such as Squidward have their names on the stars.

There are also many parody movie billboards, including Batman vs. ET, and Meryl Streep in Mr. Doubtfire. When Dale stops walking, blurry in the background is a Gucci advertisement featuring… Dobby the house-elf? You read correctly. Dobby obviously turned to modeling after the Harry Potter The series ended and has come a long way in fashion since that sock Harry gave her.


Paula Abdul

An early segment of the film chronicles the rise of Chip and Dale. This features a dance scene with notable cartoon characters including The Three Little Pigs and Roger Rabbit. While the audience was probably too focused on Chip and Dale “dancing The Roger Rabbit with Roger Rabbit”, a famous 90s musician can be seen dancing in the background – pop sensation Paula Abdul.

The Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers TV series were hugely popular in the 90s, so it makes sense that they would celebrate at the height of their careers. The party’s DJ is Ms. Abdul and her “Opposites Attract” music video co-star, cartoon character MC Skat Kat.

Cartoon snacks

After Chip gets home from work, where he is now an insurance salesman, he opens the fridge, ready to relax with a frozen meal. A shot inside the freezer reveals three branded foods featuring famous cartoon characters and franchises.

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The first is Ice Age Cream, featuring Scrat, an acorn-obsessed squirrel. The second is Looney Tunes Pasta with Foghorn Leghorn and is branded Tyson Foods, which had a line of looney tunes meal in the 90s. The third, which Chip researches and hints is the tastiest of the bunch, is Frozone Foods, a vegetable mix from the character of the same name in Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Doc McStuffins

After Rescue Rangers was canceled, Chip became a regular guest at fan conventions. While Chip is undoubtedly charming, sometimes he isn’t the brightest light bulb and shares his location via social media at one of these conventions. It may seem harmless, but evil Sweet Pete and his henchmen are looking for Chip and Dale and hunting them down.

While the chipmunks are chased by Pete’s (Arnett) sidekick Bob (Seth Rogen), Disney Junior star Doc McStuffins can be seen below looking at the two. After the little doc’s show ended in 2020, she had to go through some tough times and now makes a living giving autographs.

Counterfeit Parts

When Chip and Dale arrive at Sweet Pete’s lab to look for Monterey Jack, they come across a wall of pirate body parts. It’s a pretty detailed outline and a lot to take in as it’s quite brief. You really need to pause to fully analyze what you’re watching.

On the wall are several recognizable cartoon parts, including the Mad Hatter’s hat, Jimmy Neutron’s hair, Jiminy Cricket’s umbrella and hat, the Cheshire Cat’s smile, Mickey Mouse’s glove, the tail of Pikachu, the pink panther nose and a Smurf hat. Who knows what kind of abomination Sweet Pete was planning on doing with those coins.

When Sweet Pete and his goons chase Tick and Tick at the fan convention, their path is blocked by a group of adoring fans taking pictures. The long-shot features more obvious references, including a Borat cosplayer and a fan wearing a Batman logo t-shirt.

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However, to the left of the frame is a less conspicuous Easter egg. While taking a photo, a cartoon fan wears a sweater with the Ghostbusters logo. It’s an example of the smallest nods to pop culture in film, and shows that properties can reveal themselves in ways other than flesh-and-blood characters.

Johnny Bravo Fitness

As Tic and Tac walk down the street to visit Bjornson the Cheesemaker, several billboards can be seen in the background. Notable ones include “Waze the Movie” and a law firm featuring the cartoon Doug. Johnny Bravo Fitness is one that viewers may not have noticed.

Johnny Bravo is, of course, the slick, cool, buff protagonist of the Cartoon Network show of the same name. Bravo was always overconfident, with his tight clothes and big yellow hair. It’s not hard to believe that he entered the fitness industry with this physique and now has his own business. You know what they say – if you have it, flaunt it.

Miles Morales graffiti

Perhaps the film’s best-hidden Easter egg reveals itself when Tic and Tac descend the Uncanny Valley, a place for outcasts and weird human CGI characters of the 2000s, who have “Polar Express eyes.” In a single shot, the duo walks past a wall where heavily blurred graffiti can be seen in the background.

It may look like any old doodle, but it’s actually an artwork by Miles Morales featured in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Miles’ mural, which reads “No Expectations,” is almost indistinguishable unless you put the two frames side by side. Whatever business Miles had in Uncanny Valley, we’ll never know.

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Alicia R. Rucker