9 Easter Eggs You Can’t Miss

New resident Evil The show on Netflix may or may not be worth watching, depending on who you ask, given its Rotten Tomatoes score keeps jumping all over the place, but one thing’s for sure if you try: you’ll find plenty of Easter eggs buried in. Some of them are more obvious and recognizable to anyone who has played Resident Evil games in the past, while others consist of deeper cuts that happen so quickly you may think you’re hearing or seeing things if you don’t pay. pay close attention.

During our review of resident Evil, we too were looking for these kinds of Easter eggs and were delighted to find as many as we did. Whatever rating you would give the show, it’s obvious by seeing these easter eggs that the creators sought to pull from a slew of past Resident Evil moments that were allowed by the show’s futuristic setting. when it comes to the Resident Evil timeline.

With that in mind, below you can see nine of our favorite Easter eggs found throughout the first season of Resident Evil. Some things that could be considered easter eggs are really more like outright plot points, such as referenced pivotal main characters that will likely become more relevant later on as the show (eventually) grows after that, we have therefore omitted those here in favor of the less critical but still interesting findings. Again, some of these are more obvious than others, but be sure to check the list below before, during, or after your first Season 1 watch to see if you can spot them all.

Note that these easter egg threads naturally contain spoilers for the show which only get worse the further we go through the list given that they are listed in order of appearance, although we have hidden some further spoilers for those who may not have made it that far yet. If you have a favorite Easter egg included in this list or not listed here at all, be sure to let us know in the comments.

The “Grave Digger” Worm – Episode 1


In the very first episode of resident Evil, we see Jade Wesker’s version set further in the future narrowly escaping a horde of zombies chasing her back to her camp. Just when everything seems to be calming down, the earth shakes and a giant, mutated arthropod erupts from the ground to give Jade one last threat to face.

It’s a moment that shows the extent of the problems Survivors face, but it also seems to be a callback to a previous enemy from the games called “Grave Digger”. He was originally there Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and while it’s not exactly the same here in the series, it’s a close enough mutation that it’s likely that’s what the creators were going for while continuing to do their own thing with it. You will see this method of interpretation repeatedly throughout the show.

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Mutated Dog and Spider – Episodes 1 & 3


These are technically two different easter eggs found in separate episodes, but since they serve the same purpose of being callbacks to normal and recurring enemies in the games, we’ve lumped them together into one easter egg here. resident Evil features a mutated dog in the first episode and a mutated spider in the third, with the former serving as a more central plot device while the latter again serves as a reference to enemies from previous games.


As Resident Evil players know, mutated dogs are a common and troublesome part of a number of games, given their erratic behavior and jump-scare tendencies. Spiders aren’t as common, but they’re still not boss level enemies. They are found in Evil resident 0and like the show, they tend to inhabit the sewers, making for a nice, thoughtful touch whenever they make appearances on the show.

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Lickers – Episode 3


Again, this is one of the most obvious, but what Easter egg list would be complete without referencing one of the most menacing creatures in Resident Evil’s bestiary?

Lickers, to the uninitiated, are humans who have undergone such severe mutations that they look much more deformed than the normal zombie. They have no skin and no eyes, which makes for a nice sight when you encounter them in situations like the actors on the show do, and they hunt by sound and by the use of their tongue who can easily skewer and remove people from the shadows.

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Hydra Shotgun – Episode 3


It’s one of those that might stick in your head as something you know you’ve seen somewhere even if you don’t know exactly where it came from. In the third episode – the same with the Lickers – the bald, tattooed character who escorts Jade and company through the sewers is armed with a weapon to fend off the Lickers. It turns out to be quite inefficient, but it’s a great find for those who like resident evil 5.

From the look and function of the weapon, it appears to be a Hydra Shotgun. It was a weapon featured in resident evil 5 and was a three-barrel shotgun that players can acquire and upgrade as they play. It was never named in the series, but it’s a pretty clear reference to this weapon.

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The Chainsaw Man – Episode 4


In what was one of the coolest Easter eggs to find in Resident Evil, at one point we see a character wielding a chainsaw with a bag over his head. This occurs in the fourth episode during a tense moment when Jade and her reluctant partner, Baxter, are trapped in a prison by a cult.

The “Chainsaw Guy” as he’s been dubbed over the years is the most recognizable of Resident Evil 4 where he wears a kind of burlap sack on his head, just like he does here in the series. A key difference here is that despite the prevalence of zombies inside the prison, this character’s coordination and responsiveness suggest he’s a person and not a member of the undead. Still, it’s one of the most obvious easter eggs you’ll find in the series, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

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Red9 – Episode 4


Another Easter egg from the same episode as Chainsaw Guy is the appearance of another weapon from the Resident Evil arsenal. Once we find out that Baxter isn’t a jester like his character’s behavior might have previously suggested, we see the Umbrella agent pull out two handguns before starting to unload on zombies. It’s one of the most thrilling moments in the series, and it’s even better when you get a closer look at the weapons.

Judging by the weapon’s unique shape and especially its longer barrel, it looks like it’s most definitely Red9 like the ones seen in Resident Evil 4. The Red9 is a favorite for many among handgun options in Resident Evil 4so it’s a welcome sight for those familiar with this game.

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Typewriter / Safe – Episode 4


In another easter egg found in the fourth episode of the resident Evil show, we see Jade finally get a moment of peace away from the zombies. It’s not a happy moment considering how bad things are, but it’s a moment for viewers to notice two interesting sets: a safe and a typewriter.

The safe room – the place where players can know they are safe from zombies until they venture out again – is recognizable by the heavy door with iron bars on the windows. When Jade crumbles in defeat, we see a brief shot of a typewriter sitting on a desk. Typewriters have always been used to record games inside these secure rooms in previous Resident Evil games.

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P30 Device – Episode 7

Later in the show, we see Albert Wesker by Lance Reddick ask for an update on something called a chest-mounted device. It’s a single line that you’ll miss if you’re not paying attention, but given the timeline established during this scene, it seems to refer to the P30 device used to control Jill Valentine.

This particular scene takes place in 2005, but we don’t learn of the P30s’ influence on Jill until 2009 in resident evil 5. The video above shows the full fight against Jill during this game where it is revealed that the device has been used on her for years. given the gap between the stage and the show and resident evil 5it makes sense that this is the device Wesker is referring to.

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Mutated Alligator – Episode 8


You certainly cannot miss the appearance of this creature in the resident Evil show, but if you haven’t played the previous games, it might feel a bit wilder than it already does in the Netflix adaptation. This mutated alligator was meant to be a weapon of last resort in the series, but its first appearance in the games was very different.

In Resident Evil 2, the alligator, like the previously referenced spider, was the result of mutations caused by Umbrella’s mishandling of the t-virus. It was also found in the sewers of Raccoon City and was one of the most atypical moments in the game compared to the normal zombie threats players encountered. It’s certainly not the same alligator seen on the show, but the creators could have chosen any type of animal and still chosen an alligator, so again the implications here are clear.


Alicia R. Rucker