Arcane: 9 In-Game Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Netflix Collaboration With Riot Games To Produce The Animated Series Esoteric gave rise to one of the best shows of the year. Based on the popular MOBA League of Legends, the show featured several characters and storylines from the game and other spinoffs.

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While there are plenty of references and hidden setups for future reveals in the series, there are also Easter Eggs that only fans of the games will notice, and many of them are only noticeable to those who pay attention to them. particular attention.

9 Teemo appears everywhere

Easter Egg Teemo in Arcane on Netflix

Perhaps one of the most common Easter eggs in Esoteric is the character of Teemo, who appears several times in the series. Teemo, also known by his alias The Swift Scout, is a young Yordle Champion who focuses on stealth, movement, and poison attacks.

The representations of Teemo in the Netflix series appear on two specific occasions; one about an arcade that Powder plays in episode two, and the other in one of the children’s books Marcus’ daughter owns, as seen in the hands of one of Silco’s minions when he visits the Enforcer to intimidate him.

8 The three masks and a little something more

Jhin easter egg in Arcane on Netflix

Benzo’s shop in the Lanes is a veritable treasure trove of Easter eggs, and one of the most interesting is the appearance of three masks that appear on one of his shelves. Each of the three masks is a reference to something from the games; the popular champion Jhin, the mythical object Anguish of Liandry and a Blood Moon mask.

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Fans of the game with perceptive eyes might also notice another familiar item on the shelf with the masks; an Ascension Heel, a legendary item that provides free coins in addition to other bonuses, but was removed from the game in a patch several years ago.

seven A Krug captured in a cage

Krug easter egg in Arcane on Netflix

One of the most obvious Easter eggs in games is the appearance of a strange blue-eyed creature in a cage in the Lanes. The creature briefly appears as Vi and the gang make their way back from their adventure in Piltover.

Fans of the games will recognize the creature as a Krug, a magical creature that is made of stone but behaves more like an animal. While they can get quite large, the one captured here appears to be a much smaller variety called Mini Krug.

6 Rabadon’s Deathcap is on sale in the Benzo store

Rabadons Deathcap Easter egg in Arcane on Netflix

Another of the references found in Benzo’s shop, from a distance viewers can see a witch’s hat sitting on one of the back shelves. This appears to be Rabadon’s Deathcap, another legendary item available in the game.

The Deathcap is a perfect item for spellcasters, or any champion looking to deal heavy magical damage, and can carry one until the end of the game. How did such a powerful item end up in between? Benzo’s hands is an enigma.

5 Powder designs have a lot of references

Star Guardian Jinx easter egg in Arcane on Netflix

At one point in episode three, “The Core Violence Needed for Change,” Powder sits and cries next to her open case, which reveals several interesting elements. While viewers’ attention may be drawn to the glowing hexagonal crystals, there are some references to the game hidden inside as well.

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One of those Easter eggs is an image of what appear to be fishbones, one of Jinx’s main weapons in the game. The other, a pair of black and white wings with pink outlines, could be a reference to one of Jinx’s skins, Star Guardian Jinx.

4 Gragas grog barrels are used to smuggle shimmer

Gragas Easter Egg in Arcane on Netflix

As Hextech begins to make Piltover one of the most powerful and influential cities in the world, something sinister is brewing in the streets below. After getting rid of Vander, Silco begins manufacturing copious amounts of Glitter and smuggling them into the city.

In one of these operations, the shimmer was smuggled aboard an airship disguised as seemingly harmless barrels of beer; the logo on these barrels features Gragas, a character in the game known for his love of booze and brutal punches.

3 Tryndamere’s helmet hangs above Benzo’s front door

Tryndamere easter egg in Arcane on Netflix

Another of the seemingly endless supply of Easter eggs seen in Benzo’s shop, hanging over the door, is a large horned helmet; this seems to be a reference to Tryndamere, a melee champion who wears such a helmet in his original skin.

While Esoteric is full of references to many different champions available in the game, this seems to be one of the most direct and obvious examples, however, it is not clear if Tryndamere himself will ever appear in the series.

2 Viktor’s hexagonal core in the show has an in-game equivalent

The Easter egg of Viktors Hexcore in Arcane on Netflix

Much of the story in Esoteric revolves around the collaboration of Viktor and Jayce to create Hextech, a development that propels the town of Piltover into a new era. Yet, while Jayce is distracted by other matters, Viktor continues to push his research forward, hoping for a cure for his deadly disease.

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His research bore fruit with the creation of the Hexcore, a powerful device with many unintended consequences. This Hexcore also appears to have an in-game equivalent, an item called Prototype Hex Core that Viktor players will start with in their inventory.

1 Marcus’ daughter has an Urf plush toy

Urf easter egg in Arcane on Netflix

In the middle of the show, there is a scene in which the Enforcer Marcus returns home to find Silco and his minions in his daughter’s bedroom in an obvious act of intimidation. So it’s somewhat ironic that this scene features one of the funniest Easter eggs in the series.

Sitting on the bed behind the girl is a stuffed manatee; it’s almost certainly a reference to the character of Urf, who, while not an actual playable character, is sort of an April Fool’s joke in the game.

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