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It’s only fitting that a neo-noir superhero sleuth like The Batman would include visual clues to Batman’s live-action past.

Matt Reeves’ Se7fr through DC Comics’ take on the Dark Knight is in theaters now, and in a key scene the film features a nod and you’ll miss it to the campy ’60s TV show starring Adam West: The bust statue that conceals the button West’s Bruce Wayne would touch to access the batsticks. (Holy Easter Egg Hunt, Batman!)

Where to find the statue?

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen The Batman.

He appears in a scene near the end of the second act involving Alfred receiving some very explosive mail. Before the explosion, the statue may be scene to the left of Alfred. It’s not the exact bronze that fans of the Adam West show are familiar with (it looks more like stone), but it’s a very close approximation.

And intentionally or not, there seem to be a few more subtle visual callbacks to Batman’s live-action history, particularly in a scene where Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) straddles a recumbent Batman (Robert Pattinson) while the hero is on the ground, then she proceeds to kiss him in profile. This photo could be a twist on one of the most iconic images from the 1992s Return of Batmanwhere this film’s vision of Selina Kyle licks Michael Keaton’s Batman under mistletoe.

The movie is looking to make solid numbers at the box office this weekend, and we’re still discovering all sorts of fun details about Matt Reeves’ Bat-reboot reboot. There were fake scenes shot just to steer fans away from the big reveals, with Colin Farrell explaining how the Penguin turned out to be one of the most freeing roles he’s ever played.

Corn The Batman also contributes many of its own compelling and unique visuals to the big-screen Batman canon, which you can see for yourself this weekend as the film arrives in theaters.

Alicia R. Rucker