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As You better call Saul approaching its final hours, it has finally reached the point of fully clashing with its sequel/predecessor, breaking Bad. The task of creating a sequel to what is considered one of the greatest shows of all time was no small feat for the team of You better call Saul. And yet, the mix of the two shows feels seamless and meticulous.

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Since the very first season of You better call Saul, breaking Bad was written in his language. Nonetheless, the show was able to forge its way while perfectly setting up Walter White’s tragic and chaotic tale to come. These ten easter eggs throughout the six seasons of You better call Saul are the best nods to the above.


ten Our story begins in Nebraska…

The very first scene of You better call Saul dives headfirst into solving a great mystery at the end of breaking Bad. When viewers last saw Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, he was getting a new identity with the help of the late Robert Forster’s Ed Galbraith. As Saul tells Walter White, he’d be lucky to handle a Cinnabon in Omaha on schedule.

When You better call Saul begins, Saul’s premonition has come true. Now operating as Gene, Heisenberg’s former lawyer is actually the manager of a Cinnabon mall, a flash-forward that is revisited at the start of every season except for season 6. It became a sort of tradition for the show, this recent episodes paid in dividends.

9 Jimmy believes in his own advice

Among the many things that Saul Goodman was guilty of throughout breaking Bad, a crime is giving sarcastic advice to clients. In one scene, Saul convinces Walt of a scheme by likening the situation to one time he convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner in order to sleep with her. At the time, this anecdote was a joke about Odenkirk’s resemblance to Costner.

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In the first season of You better call Saul, viewers can see this Jimmy plot line in action. After a night of scamming and partying with his partner in crime, Marco, Jimmy wakes up to a woman in front of him, berating him for lying about being Kevin Costner. Luckily, Jimmy doesn’t stick to these manipulative methods for long when he soon begins dating Kim Wexler.

8 Tuco leaves

Season 2 of You better call Saul reunites with Mike Ehrmantraut delve deeper and deeper into the world of the Mexican drug cartel. This involves encounters with the infamous Salamancas, who are notorious antagonists in the breaking Bad chronology. In favor of Tuco’s partner, Nacho Varga, Mike is hired to kill Tuco in order to prevent the discovery of Nacho’s side activities.

Mike takes an alternate route, prompting Tuco to fight as the police show up and arrest him. Later, Mike is threatened by Tuco’s grandfather, Hector Salamanca (pre-stroke) to revise his testimony and reduce Tuco’s prison sentence. This lines up with Tuco’s eventual return in season 1 of breaking Badrecovering his position after being recently released from prison.

seven Saul’s Laser Tag Connection

A You better call Saul the fan theory was never confirmed by the show until recently after Season 6, Episode 11 aired. Early seasons featured Mark Proksch as Daniel Wormald, an amateur criminal who hires Mike as a bodyguard during contracts with Nacho. The character’s lackluster criminality made him memorable in the show’s early seasons.

Fans had always speculated that Daniel would ultimately be the same “Danny” who runs the laser tag site that Saul is trying to convince Walt and Skyler to use as a money laundering scheme. This was eventually confirmed by writer and producer Thomas Schnauz after 6×11, when Gene asks Francesca about Danny’s status afterbreaking Bad.

6 Kim’s attorney-client privilege trick

Season 3 featured a climax to the show’s conflict between Jimmy and his brother, Chuck McGill. Kim, Jimmy’s legal and romantic partner, learns that Chuck taped Jimmy’s confession to forging Chuck’s legal documents. Before telling Jimmy, she advises him to put a dollar in his pocket in order to establish attorney-client privilege.

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Luckily, this trick was remembered by Jimmy years later when he dealt with Walt and Jesse. After the small meth makers kidnap Saul in the desert, Saul convinces them to become his customers, forcing them to put dollars in his pocket as well. As viewers know by now, that’s not the only time Saul likely thinks of Kim during the breaking Bad time.

5 Dedicated to Max

The return of Gus Fring in You better call Saul in its third season becomes fruitful for the character, who was killed off at the end of breaking Badthe fourth season. There are plenty of opportunities to delve into Gus’s story, especially his relationship with Max Arciniega, his former partner in Los Pollos Hermanos who was murdered by Hector.

Fan speculation breaking Bad Gus and Max linked days as romantic partners. You better call Saul Subtly confirms this in Season 5, where a recovering Mike finds a fountain dedicated to Max in a Mexican village. A later scene in Season 6 sees Gus flirting with a sommelier, reaffirming his need for revenge for the death of his former lover.

4 Lalo will come back

Despite Tony Dalton’s brief tenure on the show, Lalo Salamanca quickly became one of the show’s best villains. breaking Bad cinematic universe. His introduction poses a threat to Gus Fring’s criminal operations, which escalate when he joins forces with Jimmy and Kim as a legal team. In Season 6, he outright murders Howard Hamlin in front of the two.

After sending Kim to kill Gus, he ties up Jimmy, though the lawyer tries to argue that his assassination attempt was Nacho’s doing. Lalo promises Jimmy that he will return, though he is later shot by Gus. Yet this fear persists in Jimmy when Walt and Jesse kidnap him later in breaking Badas he begs for his life and wonders if Lalo sent them.

3 A secret under Gus’ superlab

The mid-season finale of You better call Saul season 6 features a dramatic cliffhanger in which Lalo kills Howard Hamlin and forces Jimmy and Kim to follow his instructions. Unfortunately, his plan goes awry when Gus kills him, which later forces Mike and his cleanup crew to erase any evidence that night went wrong.

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In an ironic twist of fate, Lalo and Howard’s bodies are buried in the dirt under Gus’ superlab, where Walt, Jesse, and Gale later work as meth cooks. It certainly changes viewers’ perspectives on breaking Badnot knowing that two vital elements You better call Saul the characters lie in state beneath the site of so many significant episodes.

2 Francesca updates the gene

A flash-forward in Season 4 shows Saul asking Francesca to answer a phone at a specific date and time. In season 6, episode 11, this flash-forward is paid off when Gene calls him to get the scoop on Albuquerque after the events of Walter White’s disappearance. Francesca’s description of what happened solves many problems of breaking Bad.

Francesca states that Skyler got his deal with the DEA and that Jesse Pinkman’s car was found near the Mexican border, the latter a reminder to The Camino. Gene also receives updates on all of his alumni breaking Bad Henchman: Huell has returned to Louisiana, Kuby (played by Bill Burr) has disappeared, and all of his former assets have been seized by the FBI.

1 Saul stalks Walt

Season 6, Episode 11 features more connections to breaking Bad than its title or a simple telephone conversation with Francesca. The black-and-white timeline that follows Gene also reflects behind-the-scenes events during breaking BadThe second-season episode of which features Saul’s introduction, aptly named “Better Call Saul”.

Following his abduction in the desert by Walt and Jesse, Saul recognizes the potential of their business and believes he can help them. He is, however, advised against by Mike, who serves as his private detective. Saul nevertheless ignores Mike’s advice as viewers see him on his way to Walter’s high school, preparing for the confrontation with the chemistry teacher seen at the end of his first episode in breaking Bad.

You better call Saul airs Mondays on AMC at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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