Bridgerton Costume Designer Admits Nicola Coughlan’s Costumes Had Season 3 Easter Eggs

Nicola Coughlan’s “Bridgerton” costumes gave a hidden clue to her season three romance.

Nicola Coughlan will take center stage in season three

The ‘Derry Girls’ actress – whose romance between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) will be the focus of the upcoming series – ditched her usual yellow dresses for a greener dress in episode four of the second season from the hit Netflix drama and costume designer Sophie Canale confirmed it was an Easter egg.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, she suggested the color change was meant as a subtle tease by combining Penelope’s family yellow palette and Colin’s blue palette.

Referring to the upcoming plot, she said: “I’ve known that for a very long time. I forgot actually that no one else knew until last night.

“It’s also a useful tool for tracking where your characters are going.”

She noted that the family color combination was similar to how she developed the costumes for Phoebe Dynevor’s alter ego Daphne in season one after her marriage to Simon (Rege-Jean Page), as her palette of blue colors was mixed with his reds.

Canale added, “When you see Daphne, we pushed her into the lilacs in Season 1 because of the families marriage and I think that’s pretty important to be seen.”

She took over from Ellen Mirojnick as lead costume designer in season two, and she was determined to push “characters in their own direction” through fashion.

She explained, “We’re all so different as individuals, so it’s really nice to take the basics of their concepts and push them a bit further with elements of jewelry and hairpins.

“So there is a real distinction between the Bridgerton brothers [in season 2]. I really wanted to show the individual characters how they develop throughout Season 1 and how [in] season 2, they are now on another journey.”

Meanwhile, Nicola recently opened up about the revelation that her relationship with Colin will take center stage.

When asked if she was up for filming steamy scenes on set, she joked, “I’m going to have to be!”

Alicia R. Rucker