Dairy-free and nut-free vegan Easter egg launch at Tesco and Sainsbury’s so kids don’t miss a thing – Bethan Shufflebotham

A popular no-fresh brand has finally released its first-ever children’s Easter egg. This release means kids who are vegan or have intolerances will no longer miss a much-loved chocolate treat.

The brand, called NOMO, unveiled the new Easter product free of gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts, making it suitable for vegans as well.

the creamy chocolate egg without cream comes with a monster pacifier, part of NOMO’s Kids Nomsters range, available from Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores.

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My niece and nephew both have dairy allergies, and even a small amount of milk in the batter of a chicken nugget can give them a bad stomach.

Recently at school, my niece, who is seven years old, got a little upset when a classmate was giving out chocolates for a birthday and she couldn’t get any. And it’s heartbreaking to watch a child feel like they’re missing out on something everyone can appreciate.

NOMO Kid’s Egg and Cookie Dough Bunnies

NOMO’s motto is simply “don’t miss a thing”, which I really appreciate for the reason above.

the child’s egg sees three ‘Mo, Jo and Flo’ characters with their own chocolate egg and chocolate lollipop, plus six activities such as coloring, pranks and puzzles inside the box.

the the egg comes in at £3 and although it’s not huge, it’s ideal for small children, and the activities will be perfect to keep them busy during the half term.

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The launch of the new product comes as the prevalence of food allergies is 7.1% among breastfed infants, with one in 40 developing peanut allergies and one in 20 developing an egg allergy, according to NOMO.

The most common allergies in children are dairy, peanuts/nuts and eggs.

Jacqueline Tyrrell, Brand Manager at NOMO, said: “Those who are vegan or without often find themselves missing seasonal times like Easter. We want to take the anxiety out of these moments for kids and parents alike, so we strive to make our products irresistible and inclusive so no one misses out.

“We carry all the flavors and formats available in mainstream confectioneries, so it’s easier than ever to make direct exchanges for those who also want to try out a vegan diet.”

I also tried the brand vegan bunny in chocolate cookie dough , which has an RRP of 80p, but ate 90p in Holland and Barrett. The non-dairy alternative to milk chocolate candies offered a rich chocolate taste closer to dark chocolate, with crunchy cookie pieces that were a real treat.

And for adults who are vegan, allergic or simply want to share with the little ones, there is also chocolate eggs a sale for £6 . There’s a plain vegan chocolate egg that comes in a blue wrapper, as well as a cookie dough edition in pink, which tastes similar to chocolate bunnies.

Vegan and egg-free from NOMO
Vegan and egg-free from NOMO

Although not specifically for Easter, the brand is also stocking its dairy-free NOMO buttons at Sainsbury’s, which are perfect for sharing with a movie over the bank holiday weekend.

Not only do they come clear, but an amazing salted caramel for those looking for something a little sweeter.

Alicia R. Rucker