Date, history, importance and significance of Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 2021 Date: This year, Easter falls on April 4, 2021. Christians around the world celebrate Easter to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday is immediately after Good Friday, and the Saturday before Easter is also considered holy by many and is called Holy Saturday. Each year, Easter is determined by the Church’s lunar calendar, and the Sunday after the Easter full moon is considered Easter Sunday.

The Bible says, “We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again; death has no more power over him ”(Romans 6: 9). According to the biblical story, after Jesus’ crucifixion, his body was wrapped in linen and he was buried in the tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea. The tomb was then covered with a massive stone. It is also believed that on Sunday morning the angels rolled away the stone and Jesus came out of the tomb. For every Christian believer, the resurrection of Jesus symbolizes his victory over sin and death. All over the world, services are held at Easter and people usually sing hymns dedicated to the festival.

Easter also has non-traditional festivities, such as Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. These traditions could be traced back to pre-Christian pagan culture. Some believe that eggs represent birth and fertility and the belief continues to represent the rebirth of Jesus. The origins of the Easter bunny tradition are unclear, rabbits are also recognized in many places for their procreation and therefore like the Easter egg, Easter bunnies also symbolize life and birth. Easter eggs are generally made with chocolate these days, which people love to eat.

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Alicia R. Rucker