DAY: More than Easter Sunday | Church

Last Sunday, Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday is the Super Bowl for the church. A lot of planning, energy and resources are required to make this day special for everyone who comes together.

After worship, most of the afternoon of Easter Sunday was spent with family and friends sharing a meal, having several engaging conversations, and looking for a few hidden Easter eggs. As a child, I remember every Easter at my grandmother’s house with my cousins. My grandmother made a spread of ham, chicken, dressing and potato salad. After dinner, the adults gathered on lawn chairs in the front yard while we the kids were frantically looking for colorful plastic eggs hidden in bushes, under rocks, and an egg or two. money tucked away in my Uncle Sonny’s baseball cap under his chair.

But isn’t the Easter Resurrection meant to be more?

I realize that Jesus’ disciples spent that First Resurrection Sunday in fear and confusion. I’m not sure they wanted to eat a lot, and they certainly weren’t interested in hiding colored eggs for children to find. Stunned by the missing body of Jesus, it took more than one “He is alive!” »Testimony to get them out of their grief and launch them into a new way of life.

After several days of realizing that the God of creation had raised Jesus from the dead, these men and women began to understand how Jesus’ resurrection changed everything for them. Although at first they thought they could easily go back to their previous careers, they soon found that catching fish or running a business would no longer fulfill their sense of purpose. They realized that since Jesus is alive then all of his teachings about life are no longer just fond memories but mandates for what they do.

Only a few months after that first day of resurrection, a movement had started which sent shockwaves not only throughout Jerusalem, but throughout the Roman Empire. What began as a whisper circulating among fearful disciples turned into a resounding cry as fishermen turned preachers proclaimed the Good News in crowded neighborhoods and villages as well as in city centers and government buildings. Life would never be the same!

When you remember we didn’t even get together in person last year because of Covid, this Easter seemed special. I can’t help but wonder, however, if these early disciples would challenge me to lower the bar to define the Easter special. While I love to see life return to normal, I wonder if I just went back to the ease of the familiar rather than letting the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection really take hold of my life. Have I turned more to an adult pursuit of colored plastic eggs and hidden silver eggs, rather than living the radical teachings of the resurrected Jesus?

Easter Sunday has passed, but the Risen Lord challenges me today.

Mike Day is the pastor of Celebration Church.

Alicia R. Rucker