Did You See These 5 Easter Eggs In The Latest Star Trek: Picards Trailer?

Six Star Trek Easter Eggs: Picard’s New Trailer.

Star Trek: Picard’s new second season trailer was released last week and we see the plot of the series pretty clearly in it. Q resets the timeline because he is Q, and that’s exactly what he does. Picard, Seven of Nine, and others from Picard’s first season are now in an alternate future, where it seems the Federation is far more isolationist than ever.

We don’t know why, but it does. The crew decides to go back in time and try to reset things. at least that’s how it seems to appear. There seems to be a new canon added to the history of the Vulcans (or Romulans?) and when they came to Earth as well as a potential new Soong. This new Soong, still played by Brent Spiner, also meets Q, which is interesting.

The trailer is interesting and sets up some unique premises, but the best part of the trailer was the minor easter eggs we spotted.

Classic Ships Return

Three classic starships, a Nova class, a Steamrunner class, and what appears to be a Sovereign class starship in pursuit of La Sirena. This is probably the positioning of the slingshot around the scene of the sun.


In the trailer for the show’s second season, we see La Sirena slingshot around the sun, presumably to travel back in time to 2024. It was the same tactic we saw in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which saw a Klingon Bird of Prey go back to the 1980s to acquire two whales; as if they were pokemon.

The alley on the edge of eternity

Another classic callback occurred when Picard was exploring a particular alley in the trailer. This alley appears to be the same one featured in the classic series episode, “City on the Edge of Forever”, complete with matching boxing posters (seen in the trailer in the back of the shot, above and to the right of the dumpsters in the alley.

10 Front Avenue

Longtime fans might remember the Enterprise’s popular bar, Ten Forward, which was run by Guinan. With that ship destroyed and Guinan now stuck in a different timeline with the rest of the Picard cast, it seems her days as a bartender are far from over, as she now has a new bar called 10 Forward Avenue. Technically it’s Bar 10, in the historic Forward Avenue area, but it’s 10 Forward Avenue.

Star Trek III’s favorite lager

Arcanis Lager was a drink of choice for one of Dr. Leonard McCoy’s favorite watering holes in Star Trek: III and in Guinan’s bar is seen a neon advertisement, presumably of said brand.

Did we miss any other minor Easter eggs?

Alicia R. Rucker