Easter Bunny Received ‘Egg Eviction’ After The Cork Brothers wrote Taoiseach on his behalf

The Taoiseach Michéal Martin reassured the children of Ireland this evening that the Easter Bunny will be allowed to come to their home this weekend.

With strict travel restrictions in place this public holiday weekend due to Covid-19, Cork’s Darragh and Aodhán Keating have written to the Taoiseach asking for the Easter Bunny to be allowed into homes.

Attaching cutouts of Easter eggs, rabbits and chickens to their letter, the brothers asked “Mr. T”: [An Taoiseach] “Will the Easter Bunny be allowed into our house?” “

The boys asked Mr. T to grant the rabbit permission to visit them despite the “Cova virus”, which means they have “no visitors to our house.”

Darragh and Aodhán also told Taoiseach of their dismay at “not being able to go to the beach for a very long time”, and said: “we want to make sandcastles”.

Mr Martin said the Cork brothers “were really really good performers” and in response to their request to know if the Easter Bunny would be allowed into their home, he sent the boys a video message assuring them that the rabbit could travel beyond its 5 km limit.

“We all have to be very careful over the next few days, but I have some good news for you.

“There is going to be an Easter Bunny Egg Dump so the children of Ireland can receive treats, given how hard they have worked all year against Covid-19.

“Yes, the egg emptying will be given to the Easter Bunny, but don’t eat them all at once and thank you again for your letter,” Mr. Martin said in response to the Keating brothers.

Alicia R. Rucker