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Warning! SPOILERS for The bubble.

by Judd Apatow The bubble is filled with meta references to iconic movies while poking fun at a variety of modern franchises through its Easter Eggs. As the premise of a movie within a movie, The bubbleThe plot points are inspired by many real-life experiences of filming major franchise movies during the height of the pandemic. Not only The bubbleThe pandemic bubble angle leads to mockery of the franchise’s star personalities, but the real fake movie the characters are shooting, Cliff Beasts 6is a parody combination of popular sci-fi and action movie series.

Starring actors like Pedro Pascal, Karen Gillan, David Duchovny, Leslie Mann and Keegan-Michael Key, Netflix The bubble follows the misadventures of Cliff Beasts 6the cast and crew as they self-isolate within the confines of their hotel and film set. Taking place at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, The bubbleThe characters go through a series of misadventures in one of two films being filmed, including self-quarantine madness, contagious (rather than COVID) flu, and non-stop TikTok dances. At the end of The bubblethe dreaded production has become so intense that Cliff Beasts 6 does not complete filming, with the premiere the characters later attend being for the documentary on the making of the film instead.


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While The bubble has many hidden movie references and easter eggs to poke fun at modern franchises, there are also various nods to franchises simply through the cast. by Netflix The bubble does not contain direct references to star warsbut it features a hilarious scene between Pedro Pascal and Daisy Ridley, who are well known for directing The Mandalorian and the star wars sequel trilogy, respectively. That said, some of The bubbleFranchise parodies are so over the top that there’s no mistaking which movie Netflix is ​​giving a nod to. Here’s a breakdown of every Easter egg in Netflix’s 2022 movie The bubbleincluding all movie references and which franchises are being mocked.

jurassic park

Netflix The Bubble

The franchise that received the most parody treatment in The bubble East jurassic parkespecially through the basis of fiction Cliff Beasts film series. Judd Apatow describes Cliff Beasts as a C-level version of jurassic park, which is really shoddy but whose scientific protagonists tackle flying dinosaurs. While Cliff Beasts 6 is an obvious parody of jurassic parkthe whole premise of netflix The bubble is also an interpretation of the true story of the filming of Jurassic World Dominionwhich is fittingly also the sixth film in the franchise.

Apatow was inspired by the stories he heard about Jurassic World Dominion, which took place during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020, when the entire cast and crew were confined to their hotel and on set. As The bubble depicts, Jurassic World Dominion was plagued by production delays in England. The misadventures of The bubbleThe characters of are largely inspired by what Apatow imagined the struggles of Jurassic World Dominionis protective”bubbleat the hotel would have been, and how that impacted the long delays in making the film.


The Bubble Pedro Pascal Leslie Mann David Duchovny

The bubble also features a quick wink at the Extraterrestrial frankness when the characters turn Cliff Beasts 6, which occurs when they walk on a desolate planet. After Cliff Beasts 6The script mentions that the movie character in a movie Jarrar quit, Dustin’s character mentions that “the society‘ won’t be happy about that, making it clear that he’s starting to question himself more about ‘this society.” The bubblethe reference to “the society“as they walk on a destroyed planet is a clear reference to Extraterrestrialit’s mysterious”The companywhich is revealed to be the fictional Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Since Extraterrestrial movies often see characters traversing dark and dangerous planets, it was only fitting that The bubble‘s”society” line occurred in a similar setting.

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Impossible mission

The Bubble Helicopter Sean Flies

by Netflix The bubble has some overt and subtle references to actor Tom Cruise, particularly in relation to his work on the Impossible mission franchise. When Keegan-Michael Key is The bubble character Sean prepares for filming, it is revealed that he only agreed to sign Cliff Beasts 6 if he was allowed to fly the helicopter himself. As Impossible mission fans remember, Tom Cruise is notable for insisting on performing all of his own stunts, which includes learning to fly a helicopter for 2018 Mission: Impossible – Fall.

The bubble later features a direct reference to Tom Cruise when Gavin, the Zoom producer, calls studio head Paula about the possible halt in production. Paula says they refuse to stop production because they are the only film shoot at the time besides Tom Cruise, which is a nod to Cruise shooting. Mission: Impossible 7 end of 2020. With The bubble being a satirical film about movie productions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom Cruise’s reference was likely chosen because of his infamous rant to the cast and crew of Mission: Impossible 7 when he found out they weren’t following strict sanitation protocols.

Thunder in the tropics

The documentary on the end of the bubble

The bubble takes film satire in a film from the playbook of Thunder in the tropics, which also ended up seeing its fake action movie cast encounter real danger. Just like Ben Stiller Thunder in the tropics the character of Tugg Speedman was to join the cast of fiction Thunder in the tropics after starring in a series of box office bombs and negative reviews single jack, The bubbleCarol Cobb (Karen Gillan) was forced to return to the Cliff Beasts franchise after playing in the critical offense Jerusalem Uprising. While the overriding premise of The bubble is largely a tribute to Thunder in the tropicsthe most obvious con comes at the very end of the Netflix 2022 movie. After the cast escapes from the set of Cliff Beasts 6the film is never finished, so the stars instead attend the premiere of bubble beastsa documentary on the making of Cliff Beasts 6. That’s almost exactly how the movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Thunder in the tropics ends, with the faux cast attending the Oscars for blunder tropica true story film compiled from hidden camera footage on set.

X-Men Franchise

James McAvoy The Bubble Cameo

James McAvoy makes a notable appearance as himself at the end of The bubble, which sees him first chasing after and tackling Carol, who was trying to flee the set. Carol then berates McAvoy for chasing her, her insult being based on his role as Professor X. McAvoy then becomes extremely defensive, explaining that he has played so many more roles than Professor X. While McAvoy has really portrayed so much more of characters in his career, he is perhaps best known for playing Professor Charles Xavier in the x-men prequel movies.

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AND the extra-terrestrial

Bubble Krystal Calls ET Racist

When Krystal (Iris Apatow) is pictured quarantining in her bedroom, she goes live on social media in which she asks her fans for movie recommendations. Krystal mentions that many of her fans told her to watch Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi movie AND the extra-terrestrialbut she felt the film was “a bit racist.” Although Krystal doesn’t give much reasoning behind what she found racist, it seems to be The bubbleto poke fun at the fact that most iconic films of the 20th century are now considered to have offensive or outdated themes.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Benedict Cumberbatch The CGI Bubble

As the greatest cinematic universe and franchise in history, it was inevitable that The bubbleThe franchise’s mocking satire gives some nods to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The casting of Karen Gillan, who played Nebula in the MCU, already connected The bubble to the behind-the-scenes franchise, but there are also some direct references to the film series in the script. The biggest connection is towards the end of The bubble when the Cliff Beasts 6 the cast get high together, the characters hallucinating that Gunther, the health worker, has turned into Benedict Cumberbatch. With The bubbleWith Benedict Cumberbatch’s cameo being done via CGI, the film then had Gunther say, “I am Doctor Strangewhich references the iconic MCU character of Cumberbatch and the films of the same name.

Don’t look up

The Dustin & Darren Bubble

Surprisingly, Netflix’s satirical Judd Apatow also secretly pokes fun at the streaming service’s infamous 2021 satirical film. Don’t look up. The bubble features a scene in which Dustin (David Duchovny) suggests that Cliff Beasts 6 has to make its pro-environmentalist message clear, but director Darren (Fred Armisen) responds that “people don’t care about the environmentt” – people just want to go to the movies to see dinosaurs explode because they kill people. Although this is also a dig into many franchises aimed at broad age brackets that have more adult themes and messages, The bubble specifically mentioning the climate change message seems to mock Netflix Don’t look upwhich was an unsubtle satire of the dangers of climate change.

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