Fast & Furious Spy Racers Franchise Easter Eggs, Explained

Let’s dissect the final season of Fast & Furious: Spy Racers and the Easter Eggs that nodded to the movies as the heroes chased evil robots through Los Angeles.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Fast & Furious: Spy Racers, streaming now on Netflix.

What did Fast & Furious: Spy Racers so interesting was how different it was from all the movies. The Netflix series was way more outlandish in terms of the technology, the weapons used, and the villains that Tony Toretto’s team came up against, which made sense because the animated realm allowed for a wider, more ridiculous scope. However, the show has always had Easter eggs that nodded to the movies, so let’s dissect what the final season of “Homecoming” touched on the big screen.

Frostee used God’s Eye

In Mad On the 7th, God’s Eye was presented as a hacking program that could allow anyone to access cameras and satellites. Jakande wanted it as it could allow terrorists to track and kill targets, with Cipher eventually stealing it from Dom’s team as it would be a powerful tool to sell. This article appeared in To spy Runners as Frostee used it for a few minutes to try and track the killer cyborg, Dann, as the terrorist traveled across California setting off earthquake charges.

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Spy Racers pokes fun at the Fast and Furious family

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Vin Diesel Cameo

To spy Runners doesn’t often mention the franchise’s main theme, family, but the final season continues to poke fun at it. Whenever Tony’s team fought internally, they mentioned “family” in a cheeky way. It happened when they missed each other, when they bought a garage, and also when Layla chose to stay. He played on Dom’s many speeches and his signature mantra, which he even dropped when visiting during the finale to help Tony.

Frostee using the reverse turn

In the movies, Brian and Dom drove cars in reverse, even in chases through busy streets while getting shot. In addition to evading the attackers, they took advantage of this decision to impress their colleagues. Frostee shockingly performed this stunt in the desert outside of Los Angeles, poking fun at the act and how impossible it was for someone who just got their permit. In this case, he succeeded for much longer and joked about how ridiculous it was to defy physics and road logic like this.

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The theme of redemption

In the movies, redemption has been such an overused trope with so many old enemies brought back as allies. This stood out the most with the Shaw Brothers, leaving fans wondering who the next one will be offered forgiveness. Good, To spy Runners dominated the movies with many villains getting a second chance to help stop Dann. Cleve Kelso returned as an ally with his technology, Matsuo joined as a soldier with key insight into Dann’s programming, Jun helped out with his drones, and even the bully, Mitch, joined in. as a street racer to help take down Dann’s cyber army.

The mysterious director and agency

On the big screen, Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody spoke to a sleazy director from the shadows, never really giving insight into who really worked for the agency. It happened again in To spy Runners when Ms. Nowhere’s team was scolded by someone shrouded in darkness and with a garbled voice. This director was cold and ruthless, making it clear that the mission came first and that there was no room for error. To spy Runners also confirmed that the agency is very different from the CIA or FBI, leaving fans to wonder if the organization is truly heroic.

All six seasons of Fast & Furious: Spy Racers are now available on Netflix.

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