Here’s how to track the Easter Bunny this year

There’s so much to love about Easter: Easter eggs decorated with pretty pastel designs, chocolate bunnies so fun to snack on and, of course!, Easter brunch. (Trust us: the Drummonds eat this meal very seriously.)

But few traditions are as beloved as that of the Easter Bunny. In April, this adorable, kind-hearted bunny travels from house to house delivering all kinds of Easter gifts and the best Easter candy, and the kids love it. But how does he go from place to place? And when exactly will it arrive at your children’s house? These are the kind of questions pressing on every child’s mind on Sunday mornings.

Well, we have good news for kids and adults alike: now there’s a way to track the Easter Bunny’s every move! A fun and rather brilliant site called Track Easter Bunny has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: it offers a simple, scientific method that allows you to accurately see or the Easter bunny is anytime and when it comes your way. Its typical route begins at Easter Island (of course!), and it makes its first stop at Christmas Island (Also of cours!).

Plot? Here’s how to use the tracker: Simply head to the Track Easter Bunny website, which will track its hourly movements starting at 5 a.m. ET on April 16, the day before Easter. Not only will you and your kids get a play-by-play of each Easter Bunny move, but you’ll also learn how many deliveries he’s made, where he’s last been, how many carrots he’s consumed along the way, and his speed (hey, he has to jump fast enough to go around the world).

To a magical Easter Sunday with the little ones and a special visit from a very magic bunny. Prepare your personalized Easter baskets!

Alicia R. Rucker