“How I Met Your Dad” Easter Eggs: Slutty Pumpkin, Pineapple — HIMYM

how i met your father exists in the how I Met Your Mother universe, which is confirmed when Sophie takes her first steps in Jesse and Sid’s apartment. But beyond that, how much should longtime fans be looking for more Easter eggs that tie the two sitcoms together?

“I think I have eagle eyes,” series co-creator Isaac Aptaker told TVLine. “It’s something we love about the original. It’s also something [co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger and I] like to do on It’s us, where everything is very, very intentional. These shows are so much fun because they’re puzzles. They take simple moments, very grounded moments, and make them feel huge, while telling stories and revealing information very carefully. We’re a huge fan of items like this, and people should definitely keep an eye out for them. (Among the first Easter eggs spotted: the pineapple-shaped cutting board seen in Sophie and Valentina’s kitchen — a clear reminder of the HIMYM episode “The Pineapple Incident”.)

But will it always be a visual cue? Take, for example, potential father Ian (played by recurring guest star Daniel Augustin). At first, he seems like Sophie’s perfect match, but then he goes and reveals that their first date will also be their last (for now). He’s a marine biologist, just like Naomi, aka the pumpkin slut, and he moves to Australia for work.

When asked if we should read much about Ian’s profession, Aptaker is imprecise. “Whether it’s specifically related to Katie Holmes, I won’t say,” he replies. “But yeah, that kind of level of randomness and detail [is baked into the show, and] there are connections to be made everywhere.

Will you pay particular attention to the next episodes of how i met your father for extra easter eggs?

Alicia R. Rucker