Jimmy Fallon Decodes Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Easter Eggs: Watch – Billboard

Jimmy Fallon is back in search of Swiftie. On the occasion of Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album Midnights Being only a month old, the comedian frantically decoded a possible trail of clues left by the pop star – something she often does to hint at secret details leading up to her album release – during the episode. Monday evening (September 19) from The show tonight.

After Roots member Tariq Trotter doubted Fallon’s claim that Swift posted cryptic clues about Midnights since the album was announced at the VMAs in August, the late-night host immediately launched into a frenzied monologue. “Thirteen is Taylor’s favorite number, and Midnights gonna have 13 tracks on it, but nobody knows what the songs are called yet,” Fallon began. “On all the album covers she’s shared so far, all the songs are fake titles, like ‘Track One’, ‘Track Two’ – that sort of thing.”

“And that means?” a bewildered-looking Trotter asked.

Fallon went on to point out that in one of Swift’s recent TikToks, in which she shows off all three limited editions Midnights vinyls, all the tracks on the cover are blurry, roughly confirming that the songs will have different titles than the digital listing printed on his album cover reveals.

“This is where it gets interesting”, Saturday Night Live alum continued. “In all of Taylor’s discography, she’s only sung the word ‘midnight’ in six songs: ‘Style’ off 1989“You are in love” disabled 1989‘New Year’s Day’ off Reputation‘The Last Great American Dynasty’ Folklore, ‘Happiness’ disabled Still and of course in ’22 (Taylor’s Version)’ off Red (Taylor’s version).

“And that’s not even the craziest part,” Fallon persisted, before launching into a monologue in which he utters the phrase “Taylor’s Version” an impressive 10 times without tying his tongue:

“Because it also turns out that she sang the phrase ‘middle of the night’ in seven songs from her discography: ‘Ready For It’ off Reputation“Daylight” deactivated Lover‘You belong to me (Taylor’s version) out of Dauntless (Taylor version)), ‘Untouchable (Taylor’s Version) out of Dauntless (Taylor version), ‘All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)’ on Red (Taylor’s version), ‘Better Man (Taylor’s Version)’ out of Red (Taylor’s version) and “Nothing New” with Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor’s version, out of Red (Taylor’s version).”

“What are you even saying?” Trotter demanded, leading Fallon to his grand conclusion. “Six midnight plus seven ‘in the middle of the night’ equals 13,” he said to the applause of his audience. “Thirteen is Taylor’s favorite number, it’s the number of songs there are Midnights. Taylor is a genius!

Fallon’s notes on Midnights — which drops Oct. 21 — aren’t the first Swift-related conspiracy theories he’s touched on The show tonight. In May, he launched into a whirlwind rant deciphering which of the 11 Grammy winner’s previous albums she would re-release next after. Fearless (Taylor version) and Red (Taylor’s version) — a question that still has no answer as Swift has yet to give an update on her re-recording plans.

Watch Jimmy Fallon break down the possible of Taylor Swift Midnights Easter eggs above.

Alicia R. Rucker