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Senator Mike Lee, the publicity-seeking, self-aggrandizing constitutional law pundit, and supposedly red-blooded loyal American, is not who he claims to be.

Despite Lee’s starched collar, tight red silk tie, professional-grade black suit, and rosy altar boy cheeks—as well as his self-promoting claims of moral and intellectual superiority—he is, at best, a fraud on the people of Utah.

When our nation and our state needed real heroes, all Mike Lee could think of was how to keep the Clown King’s favor and perpetuate the ruse that Trump could be declared the winner of 2021.

With recent revelations about Lee’s betrayal behavior in the aftermath of November’s presidential election — much more than mere complicity in supporting the Big Lie — it’s high time for Utahns to ask the question, “Who is Mike Lee?

Sure, Mike is the top Republican senator from Utah, but his involvement with Trump’s insurgents is pretty damning evidence that he abdicated public responsibility and personal morality in an effort to retain Trump’s support.

Shortly after Trump’s loss, Lee was in touch with Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, asking what he could do to help overturn the election. And he was aware, early on, of conspiracies related to changing Electoral College votes. When it seemed the efforts had stalled, he promoted the names of corrupt lawyers who he believed could use underhanded and illegal methods to defeat the will of the people.

Mike’s disagreement with some of the mainstream super-Trumpers over how to “stop the stealing” centered on his concern that whatever Republicans are doing must be legal – something Trump’s other advisers were blissfully unaware of. But his biggest worry was that he might end up with an egg on his face; it was all about appearances. Lee was not a patriot, voicing his view – that swing states could, under their individual state laws, overrule the Electoral College count.

As the Bible says, one man cannot serve two masters. And that means Lee has already made up his mind. He certainly doesn’t represent the people of Utah, except for perhaps a handful of conspiracy theorists who gobble up the goofy lies of the ex-chief loser. The only conclusion is that Mike Lee’s loyalty is to his unrelenting greed for publicity and the hope that he won’t completely fade into the obscurity of history.

No matter how many times Mike Lee tries to impress Utahns with his pewter halo and plastic angel wings, people in our state are smart enough to figure it out: he’s just another swamp creature, and the point of view of patriotic responsibility, it is an enemy. people. Anything he did after Nov. 3 would fit the definition of “treason.”

The reality is that Lee is as culpable in the Jan. 6 capitol breach as the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys. If he ever had any scruples, those were goodbye as soon as he sought to invalidate the 2021 election. From day one, Lee was on board, trying to help Trump hatch a plan to retain his crown. A series of 100 or more texts, along with others that did not respect the principles of our democracy, placed him squarely in the middle of an attempted coup. He was aware early on of a plan to have Vice President Mike Pence invalidate Electoral College votes, yet he claimed he didn’t learn of it until nearly a month later. What makes Lee? Not just a gullible sycophant, but a liar.

By now, almost everyone has heard how a number of swing states have actually summoned alternative voter rolls and falsified documents that appear to be official. Lee had been one of those who encouraged this fraud, though he clearly felt troubled by the legality of it all. He was instrumental in implicating now-disgraced attorney Sidney Powell in making several attempts to get Trump to consult with her. Powell, who was fired from her law firm, now faces a libel suit from Dominion Voting Systems, and she faces censorship and disbarment for her participation in Trump’s lie.

There really is no doubt about it: Lee’s behavior is worthy of impeachment. As a man with an excellent legal education, he knew what he was doing was an affront to our democracy. But Utahns really seem to hate taking appropriate action, especially when their senator is one of their favorite brothers. This may make his impeachment unlikely.

But there are other ways to discipline a Judas. His actions surrounding the Jan. 6 insurrection should be grounds for disbarment. At the very least, we can make sure he’s not on the November ballot. Lee’s actions have been shameful, and it’s time to allow a better man or woman to assume that position of sacred trust.

You don’t have to be Watson or Sherlock to see through Mike Lee’s mask. We must remember that a man’s identity is not in how he rubs his face or how well he looks sitting behind a pulpit. Like everyone else, he must be validated by his actions.

Mike Lee is, in the simplest words, a traitor to America and our values. We can do better than that.

The author is a retired businessman, novelist, columnist, and former deputy public information officer in the Vietnam-era army. He lives in Riverton, Utah with his wife, Carol, and the beloved ashes of their mongrel dog.

Alicia R. Rucker