Peacemaker Episode 4 Easter Eggs

The following contains spoilers for Peacemaker Episode 4, “The Less Traveled Choad.”Picking up almost immediately from where Peacemaker Episode 3 has concluded, “The Choad Less Traveled” introduces the audience to the aftermath of the team’s actions against the butterfly family. Not only do they have to deal with an injured vigilante, but also a shaken Adebayo, an oblivious judomaster, and a peacemaker who refuses to be honest about why he doesn’t want to eliminate his targets.


With all the character development in the episode, some fans might have thought there wouldn’t be room for Easter eggs. There are plenty of Easter eggs from the comics for fans to spot throughout the hour. There are also some fun meta references to boot.

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A Split Image Depicts Matter-Eater Lad In His Quirky, Modern Comic Book Drawings

When Peacemaker is distracted during a conversation with Murn, he mentions Matter-Eater Lad, someone he says once ate an entire fast food restaurant. This is probably not an exaggeration.

Matter-Eater Lad made his comic book debut in 1962. While Peacemaker may not particularly care about him, he is a member of the future superhero team, the Legion of Super-Heroes. He hails from the planet Bismoll, adding another extraterrestrial nod to the series. Although the character has appeared in animated series based on DC comic book characters, he has never appeared in a live-action series.

Charlie the Gorilla waves a flag in front of soldiers in DC Comics

Peacemaker stops by his dad to get a replacement helmet (or five). When he enters, the television is still showing the same news program his father was watching when he was arrested. This time, however, the news mentions that Charlie the gorilla has escaped from the local zoo.

While Charlie is actually a fairly common name given to gorillas in captivity (the Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada is home to a gorilla named Charlie, for example), it’s also a cheeky nod to comics. . Charlie the Gorilla, also known as Sergeant Gorilla, appeared in a World War II-themed comic book volume called Star Wars Stories. He wanted to be a soldier and even learned how to salute, wore a uniform and participated in a show entertaining the troops.

The costume of White Dragon in Peacemaker Episode 4

The previous episode of Peacemaker confirmed that Chris Smith’s father was the villain known as the White Dragon, but it’s not only mentioned again in episode 4, but the audience can actually see his costume.

The red and white color scheme, along with the angled mask, is a perfect recreation of the comic book version of the costume.

DCEU Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck

While visiting his father’s house, Peacemaker gets into a light argument with a neighbor who claims to want to “make small talk” with him about Batman. He compares Peacemaker’s willingness to kill people to Batman’s tough stance against murderous villains.

The argument, in which Peacemaker claims that Batman would get bad guys off the streets and save more lives if he used lethal force, is one comic book fans have had for years. There are plenty of comic book stories that see Batman breaking his vow not to kill, and even HBO Max’s Titans approached him as he sought revenge on the Joker for the death of Jason Todd.

The conversation also includes mention of the Mad Hatter by Jervis Tetch and the Riddler by Edward Nygma; none of the comic book villains have appeared in the DC Extended Universe thus far.

Ultra Bunny in Peacemaker Episode 4

So far images referencing Rick Flagg The Suicide Squad shirt were a bit difficult to see. This episode, however, puts Ultra Bunny, James Gunn’s mouse-like creation with bunny ears, front and center.

Episode 2 of Peacemaker sees a secondary character wearing a shirt featuring the character, but Vigilante has an Ultra Bunny figure sitting on the dashboard of his car. Although Peacemaker doesn’t return to Rick Flagg’s death until later in the episode, it’s likely that the dash figure jolted his memory.

Peacemaker in front of the Atomic Age truck in episode 4

When Peacemaker and Judomaster are fighting in a parking lot, fans might want to keep an eye out for the truck they’re fighting in front of. Its logo includes the words “Atomic Age”.

Although there is a miniseries of the same name in Marvel Comics, the term actually corresponds to a specific time period in the comics. It’s a reference to the 1950s and 1960s in comic book history. As the Golden Age of comics came to an end and comic publishers moved away from stories focused on World War II, science fiction stories increased in frequency. Many of them included atomic power or characters who gained power through radioactive contamination.

Peacemaker John Cena HBO Max

dead Pool brought to the public’s attention that superheroes have a very specific landing pose. the Black Widow The film only cemented the pose in pop culture when Yelena Belova called Natasha Romanoff a “pose.” Fans might have thought Peacemaker wasn’t qualified for the superhero pose when he fell from balcony to balcony in the show’s second episode. This is not the case.

When he goes to fight Judomaster in Episode 4, he finally gets to land his own superhero, which could signal that he really is one of the good guys.

Peacemaker is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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