Residents of Sherborne care home jump on it as they stage an Easter bunny hunt

12 Easter bunnies hide in shop windows

Submitted by Barchester Healthcare

Barchester’s Trinity Manor care home in Sherborne, Dorset, has had fun hiding Easter bunnies in Cheap Street and the nearby area for local children to find this Easter.

Staff and residents decided to challenge local children to find 12 Easter bunnies hiding in some Sherborne storefronts.

Children must then write down each bunny’s number and where they were found in order to participate in the Easter Bunny Hunt. The rabbit hunt, which is now underway, continues until April 22.

Home Services Advisor Rebekah Goddard said: ‘We are very grateful to the shop owners we have approached in Sherborne, all of whom have been keen to get involved by hosting a Barchester Rabbit in their windows.

“Our friends at Waitrose and Partners in Sherborne have also been wonderful, donating many Easter gifts to give away as prizes; even giving away dairy-free Easter eggs. It’s been such a great collaboration in town and it encourages local kids to get out and about Easter, and it’s free.

Activities Coordinator Laura McAllister added, “It’s so nice to have a free event that whole families can get involved in, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t love to win some delicious chocolate. It was so much fun to get out and meet some of the lovely shop owners as we hid our bunnies they were great sports.”

For anyone wishing to get involved, if you happen to see a Barchester Rabbit in a shop window, entry forms will be available inside, you can also pick one up in the lobby of Trinity Manor Care Home or by emailing home directly and they will send you a form.

All entries must be returned to Trinity Manor by 5 p.m. on April 22, when all correct entries will be placed into a random draw when residents of the house select the winners. Winners will be notified shortly after to collect their prizes.

If you would like to take part in the Barchester Rabbit Hunt, please call the house on 01935 815 972 or email

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Alicia R. Rucker