Schoolgirl, 8, donates 500 Easter eggs to children’s hospital in memory of her brother

Ellie Spackman, 8, has collected over 500 Easter eggs to donate to a neonatal unit and children’s service in memory of her little brother, as she wants to ‘help others’

Ellie Spackman has collected over 500 eggs to donate

A loving schoolgirl has collected more than 500 Easter eggs which she plans to donate to the Gloucester Royal Hospital Neonatal Unit and Children’s Department and the James Hopkins Trust in memory of her baby brother.

Eight-year-old Ellie Spackman goes to the hospital and local charity every year with her parents Charlene and Ashley Spackman, both 34, and still donates chocolate eggs to children in the need in order to “give back” to the people who supported her family when her little brother Arthur was hospitalized.

Arthur died in 2019 aged two after being diagnosed with a very rare terminal genetic condition called nonketotic hyperglycinemia. [NKH] when he was 10 days old.

Charlene Spackman and Ashley Spackman with Arthur and Ellie


Charlene Spackman/CATERS NEWS)

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Gloucester Royal Hospital and the James Hopkins Trust – which provides respite for life-limited and threatened children – have helped to care for Arthur, and his big sister Ellie is now eager to do what she can to give back and show appreciation for their hard work.

Charlene explained: “Since Arthur’s death, Ellie has wanted to give back to the people who supported her when her brother was in their care. Ellie enjoys helping others like her brother and their siblings like she was. when Arthur was in the hospital.

“We have been giving Easter eggs since 2019. It started with giving away selection boxes at Christmas and we thought we would do the same at Easter.

Ellie Spackman delivering Easter eggs in 2021


Charlene Spackman/CATERS NEWS)

“Ellie loves being involved, she will help us load the car and distribute them in the hospital, she knows the nurses and they are familiar faces to Ellie. She is doing this in memory of her brother.

“It’s so nice to see the effect it has on the kids in the hospital. They’re for the kids who are in the hospital and the siblings who visit, just like Ellie did.”

This year marks the family’s fourth time donating Easter eggs and already have over 500 eggs stored in their home ready to be given to children when the time comes later this month.

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Charlene added: “It’s just our way of saying thank you. We’re doing this to remember our little boy.

“Many local businesses donate Easter eggs to us, and over the years this has grown, and now some local businesses donate over 50 eggs to us.

“We already have over 500 eggs, and that’s exactly what’s in our house. We’ve got them all stacked up in Arthur’s room, ready for delivery next week before Easter Sunday.”

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