Seven Easter-related things you can declutter now that the Easter Bunny has left the building

The Easter bunny is gone and you may only have a few crumbs left from all the chocolate you’ve devoured over the past day, but there are other things that can be decluttered after this celebration, here’s just a few to prepare you for next year.

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Packaging and boxes: You can guarantee that your house will be flooded with boxes of Easter eggs after Easter Sunday, so take it easy and start with the simple things. Recycle as much as you can after you’ve broken down all the boxes and display all your wrapped eggs in a bowl or do what my family and I used to do and crush them all and put them in a big Tupperware box for May you have a lucky Easter chocolate dip!

Easter decor: Now that you’ve had a chance to get all your decor out and set it up for another year, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you really like and dislike looking at. Also, there may be elements that you haven’t put in place at all. Give away whatever no longer makes your heart sing and just keep whatever makes you smile when you watch it at home at Easter time.

Easter toys and books: If you have kids, you probably have Easter-themed toys and books that you release for them year after year. While this is a great idea, as your kids will enjoy seeing things they haven’t played or read in a while, there may be bits and pieces they grew up with. So donate any books or toys that are no longer appropriate and leave them only the items they can get the most out of.

Easter outfits: You might like to dress your child up every year as something Easter-themed for the perfect occasion, but as we all know kids grow up and if outfits don’t fit them anymore, it’s time to send them off. another family to enjoy. .

Easter tableware: Maybe you’re doing a buffet at Easter, or maybe you’re having a sit-down meal – whatever your preference – take a look at your dishes and see if there’s anything chipped or stain. There may be something you no longer use. Once you’ve had your usual celebration this year, it will become clear what needs to stay and what needs to go, so be very careful when eating your favorites and your less favorite items.

Easter egg hunt accessories: If you choose to have an Easter egg hunt every year because you have young children or because you’re a big kid, take a look at your signs, stencils, and fillable plastic eggs and see if there are some who have exceeded their best. Ordering a new kit is fairly inexpensive, so if this year has taken a beating, it might be time to recycle what you can and invest in a new one for next year.

Easter jewelry: Again, once the chocolate tummy ache subsides, you might want to think about which jewelry you took out of the box this year to wear over the Easter weekend and which ones don’t. didn’t inspire you to wear them at all. Are these bunny earrings not your style anymore? Or is that chick and egg charm bracelet just too bulky around your wrist? If so, give these coins to someone who will enjoy them next Easter.

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