Skyrim’s Funniest Easter Eggs, Ranked

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a massive game packed with content for players to enjoy, including quests, characters, and more than the odd Easter egg. These Easter eggs can be subtle or sometimes blatant references to the real world, other media, or historical events and are found all over the province. These references can take many forms, such as items, entire quests, or even clever environmental storytelling.

Some Easter eggs found in Skyrim are callbacks to previous games, like the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm, named after the town of Gnisis in Morrowwind, or the gray fox bust found in Mercer Frey’s Riften House. Others allude to more serious subject matter, such as the East Empire Company being a direct reference to the real-world East India Company. Then there’s the matter of Bethesda’s oldest Easter egg with sweet cakes in Skyrim.


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There are plenty of easter eggs for gamers to hunt down, but some of the funniest are references to other media. Everything from books to movies to other games has had this feature. Skyrim processing as the developers found cool and fun ways to add little jokes for the fans. Here are some of the funniest Easter eggs players can find in Skyrim.

#9 – Skyrim’s Star Trek TNG reference found in Ivarstead

In Ivarstead, players can encounter a Norse woman called Temba Wide-Arm. Its name is a reference to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok”, where Picard encounters an alien who can only speak in allegories. Throughout the episode, Darmok says, “Temba, arms outstretched.

#8 – Alice in Wonderland Tea Party in Skyrim

During the Daedric Quest”The spirit of madnessplayers are tasked with tracking down the mysterious master of a madman. This master turns out to be none other than a fan favorite of Oversight, Sheogorath himself in Skyrim, and he “visits” a friend. Players will find Sheogorath having a good time inside the mind of Pelagius III, a pretty crazy former Septim Emporer.

When players enter the mind of Pelagius, they will be greeted by the sight of the Mad God and Mad Sovereign having tea. This is a blatant reference to Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter tea party. Whether players are Lewis Carroll fans or not, this tea party is definitely worth attending.

#7 – Obscure Star Trek DS9 Line in Skyrim Main Quest

As part of the main questline, players will need to visit and College of Winterhold and speak with the librarian there, Urag gro-Shub. During the disappointing Skyrim quest”Knowledge of the ancients“, will say Urag, “But at the same time, all of this is true. Even the lies. Especially the lies.” This is a direct reference to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 2 episode, ” Thread “.

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In the episode, Cardassian tailor and former spy Garak tells Doctor Bashir many different stories about his past. When Garak is confronted at the end by Bashir, he says, “My dear doctor, they are all true. Especially the lies.This is an easy to miss easter egg as not all players will be familiar with. Deep Space Nine.

#6 – Skyrim’s version of the planet Hoth from Star Wars

Bleackcoast Cave is a series of connected caves located along the northeast coast of Skyrim, just southeast of the destroyed area. Skyrim town of Winterhold. Dragonborn could be sent to Bleakcoast Cave during Radiant Quest “Animal Extermination” for Companions. Inside, players will find terrifying Frost Trolls and a clever bit of environmental storytelling, which is a fun easter egg.

After killing the first Frost Troll, players can find a skeleton nearby with a sword on the ground below. The skeleton is embedded in ice and suspended upside down in an unmistakable star wars reference. Here the skeleton plays the role of Luke Skywalker when he finds himself trapped by a Wampa on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Backalthough, luckily, Luke fared better than that poor adventurer.

#5 – A Skyrim Quest Is A Homage To The Hangover

There is a second Daedric quest in Skyrim where the whole premise is one big easter egg: Sanguine’s”A night to remember.” During this quest, the Dragonborn can meet a very friendly man called Sam Guevenne who will appear at the inn closest to where players reach level 14. After joining his invitation for a contest drink, the Dragonborn passes out and the fun really begins. .

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A night to remember” is a brilliant tribute to the film The hangover. The entire quest follows the player as they try to understand and resolve the problems their drunken night has caused. From trashing a temple to an unconventional wedding, this is easily one of the funniest quests in the game.

#4 – Ghostly Star Wars Force User Appears In Skyrim

During Skyrim A line of Dark Brotherhood quests, Astrid will eventually reward the player with a spell to summon a ghostly companion. It is none other than Lucien Lachance, who was last seen alive during the events of Oversight. Known as the Spectral Assassin, he can be summoned once per day and acts as a follower, although he does not count against the player’s follower count.

Lucian’s presence in Skyrim is itself an easter egg, however, he also has a funnier easter egg for players to come across. If players travel with Lucien, there’s a chance they’ll hear him say, “I feel a disturbance in the void.” It’s very obvious star wars reference and a play on the common expression, “I feel a disturbance in the Force“, spoken frequently by Force users throughout the franchise.

#3 – Minecraft meets Skyrim with this unique item

As part of the main quest Skyrimplayers will inevitably end up climbing the 7,000 steps to High Hrothgar and later traveling further up the mountain to encounter Paarthurnax during the quest”The Throat of the World.” Once up there, however, there’s a unique object that’s a fun reference to Minecraft. Embedded in the rock is a special pickaxe called the Notched Pickaxe, which gives the Dragonborn +5 towards their Smithing skill as well as five shock damage when used as a weapon.

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The notched pickaxe is a beautiful Minecraft Easter eggs. It is named after Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraftand is better known online as the Notch, and the Pickaxe is the most commonly used tool in the game. To obtain the Notched Pickaxe, worthy Skyrim players should look slightly to the side of the temporal wound and in front of the word wall, and they will see a slope that players can climb; from there, the pickaxe is just below the top.

#2 – Skyrim strikes comedy gold with a Galaxy Quest joke

When first arriving in Winterhold and entering the Frozen Hearth Inn, players can hear Innkeeper Dagur complaining to Nelacar about one of his experiences. Dagur will describe the smell of an experiment gone wrong and say, As if a horrible monster had turned around, then exploded.” It’s a funny reference to Galactic Quest and the scene where the characters attempt to use the transporter for the first time.

#1 – The arcade game is coming to Skyrim

In the interesting Skyrim city ​​of Markarth, players can encounter Endon, a Redguard merchant, and fence for the Thieves Guild. Endon’s house is to the right of the main gate of Markarth, just above the haunted abandoned house. Endon must be a big retro gamer because his house has one of the cleverest easter eggs in Skyrim.

Inside, players can step into the bedroom, and on the bottom shelf they’ll find an ingenious reference to Pac man. A wheel of sliced ​​cheese, three bulbs of garlic and a bowl of glowing dust have been arranged to look like the iconic character chasing Pac-Dots. This is one of the most recognizable and funniest easter eggs players can find when venturing into Skyrim.

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