Star Trek Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Star Trek: Prodigy

After a hilarious opening gag where the young crew learn about and experience the ship’s transporters – having never seen a device like this before – they respond to a distress call from a mysterious woman who needs their help. aid. Her face hidden under a cape, she holds what appears to be an alien baby in her arms as she screams for help, insisting she needs immediate transport as she has sick orphans who need help. But Dal isn’t fooled by the obvious ruse and seems to know what’s going on. Approaching the screen, Dal asks, “Let me guess, your sick orphans have a bad case of Phage?”

It turns out that it’s not a woman in distress, but Dal’s former mentor, Nandi, who also happens to be a Ferengi. “The Phage” may jog the memory of long-time “Trek” fans, especially those who watched “Star Trek: Voyager.” In the early years of the series, one of their main enemies was a race called the Vidiians, who stole organs from healthy living humanoids to help them fight off a deadly disease called the Phage that was destroying their bodies. Although it was cured by a group called “The Think Tank”, it is clearly now being used by scammers to lure their marks.

Alicia R. Rucker