Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 4 – Easter Eggs and Reference Guide

Starfleet Remembrance Day Pins

The crew all wear specific round buttons that honor the ancient spaceships to which they all have a connection. Although it’s hard to see all the pins, this episode’s co-writer, in a recent interview with the author of this piece, Davy Perez explained the meaning of the pins like this:

“I liked the idea of ​​introducing a way to honor the dead of Starfleet. Part of what I was hoping to do with Remembrance Day, in my own little way, was to take the trope on ” reds getting killed” that is often joked about and given dramatic meaning. These are Starfleet officers we are talking about after all!

But who is the pin honors which ship? Here is what Perez said:

“Ortegas’ ship was the Palenque. Of course I remember that. I believe Chapel’s was the farragut. Someone wore Yworking town, it could be Pike’s pin. And Congo was also in the mix, I think Spock could have worn Congo because he is not allowed to acknowledge that he lost his sister Discovery.

The farragut is probably a reference to the ship on which James T. Kirk served around 2257, a few years before this episode. In the TOS episode “Obsession”, we learn that Kirk was on the farragut when he was attacked by a cloud creature. Yorktown was one of the first candidates on behalf of Company. And the Congo has appeared in several older Star Trek books, beginning with The creation of Star Trekwhich lists her as possibly one of many sister ships of the Company.

SS Puget Sound

Named after an area in Washington State, we also learn that as a child, La’an served on the SS Puget Sound, a non-Starfleet colony ship. However, the jackets worn by La’an and his brother in flashbacks indicate the His Puget was indeed a Federation ship, as evidenced by the “UFP” on the shoulders of the jackets. Additionally, the jackets themselves bear a slight resemblance to the design worn by Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk in Star Trek Beyondwhich may or may not be intentional.

Alicia R. Rucker