The 6 major things the resurrections were hiding

So … it happened. Against all odds, Matrix 4 came out and it really wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t too good either, with special effects and pale music compared to 2000 movies, but it wasn’t bad.

And here are the Matrix Resurrections Easter Eggs which are very important to the plot and your understanding.

No spoilers!

I’m not going to review it because everyone now has a chance to make up their own minds, but I’m going to highlight some things you might have missed.

Who knows? Maybe if we get a full picture of what Matrix Resurrections tried to achieve, this movie could become a cult classic.

Also, to the best of my ability, I won’t give any major plot spoilers, so this video should be safe if by any chance you haven’t seen the movie yet… and should point out some interesting details.

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Matrix 4 Easter egg 1: The opening

The very opening of the film reinforces the theme of “Resurrections”. Take a closer look at how the green bits are flowing. If in the early films they acted like a waterfall, flowing downward, in Matrix 4 the green bits flow upward to suggest a resurrection.

Matrix 4 Easter egg 2: The Analyst’s Desk

The Neo Analyst is one of the coolest new characters introduced and you’ll notice 2 clues in his office. First, he has a monarch butterfly framed behind him.

Monarch was the name of a CIA MK Ultra program mind control project, which is a pretty low-profile clue to what’s going on. In most media, the monarch butterfly is generally a symbol for brainwashing, mind control, the Illuminati, etc.

This symbol is reinforced by the second detail, the maze wallpaper behind where Neo sits, which also hints at what is actually going on with him.

If you want to follow the white rabbit even further into the border, the butterfly is also a callback to the Butterfly comic book written by Dave Gibbons.

The comic is pretty much the Matrix in a nutshell, if you are by the plot, but there’s also a quote that mirrors Matrix 4 exactly.

One character, Zhuang Zhou, dreamed that he was a butterfly, but he was not sure whether he was a man dreaming of being a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming of being a man. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Matrix 4 Easter egg 3: analyst clues

If your brain isn’t working now, let’s come back to the analyst.

Here, her black cat is a direct reference to the first film, when the appearance of black cats meant there was a problem in the matrix.

It’s a bit of an obvious detail but one that could easily be missed, as this film has some pretty glaring callbacks.

It’s a meta-thing, but the writers spent a lot of time yelling “HEY, HEY, DO YOU REMEMBER THAT?” REMEMBER WHEN WE DID THIS? HERE IS A REMINDER ”.

Matrix 4 Easter egg 4: Neo as Game Designer

Having Neo as a game designer was pretty much on the nose, but there were a few clues that I found super cute.

First of all, he has a Game Awards on his desk to show how much of a game developer superstar he is.

As a bonus, on this trophy, you will also see Deus Machina, his studio name, a Latin phrase which means “God of the Machine”. Matrix 4 Easter egg 5

And now, detail number 5 and my absolute favorite! Look at the duck on Neo’s head.

Matrix 4 Easter egg 5: Tribute to the disc-world?

It’s totally unconfirmed and I haven’t found anyone talking about it but it’s a Terry Pratchett reference… 100% and you can’t convince me otherwise.

You see, in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, there’s a homeless man with a duck on his head, who looks totally sane, totally normal, other than the fact that you can’t convince him , whatever you do, that there is a duck on its head.

This character appears in many books and seems somewhat supernatural, as you keep getting clues that he might be some sort of deity. The Duck Man doesn’t remember his past and gets random flashbacks and confused memories of who he was. As a bonus, and it definitely convinces me that Lana Wachowski is a Discworld fan, no one knows why, but the assassins in these books have a hefty bounty on Duckman’s head.

So we’ve got – a duck on our head, check it out.

Some kind of madness – check it out.

No memory but intense flashbacks – check it out.

The possibility of being a god – check it out. It’s definitely intentional!

Matrix 4 Easter egg 6: The New Zion

And finally, detail number 6 and one of the most subtle.

So Matrix 4 likes to beat you over your head with the concept of binaries, that there is literally binary code everywhere, the black and white dynamics between Neo and Agent Smith and, of course, the identity of kind.

But really, the one that I found the coolest and least in your face was in the name of New Zion, where people lived in harmony with each other.

The people disconnected from the matrix have dropped the Z and the N and just live in a town called i o. IO… one… zero… again, you have the binary here.

These are the most significant details that I noticed while watching Matrix 4 once in the cinema. Did I miss something? Tell us in the comments!

I’ll be honest, overall I found this movie a bit of a letdown so I plan to stay home and get back to my TiVo Stream 4K, which gives me the best movies on streaming apps. I don’t plan to see him again anytime soon, but still. If there are a lot of Easter eggs that I haven’t caught I might give it another chance, so drop your observations in the comments below.

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Matrix 4 Easter Eggs & Important Details: The 6 Main Things Resurrections Hid

Alicia R. Rucker