The Boys Trailer Easter Eggs Tease Tek Knight Season 3 Debut

The Boys Season 3 trailer features several Easter eggs reminiscent of Season 1… and also teases a possible live-action debut for Tek Knight.

A Pair Of Trailer Easter Eggs Point To Tek Knight Debuting In The boys season 3? When Amazon and Sony started production on a live-action TV version of Garth Ennis The boys, comic book fans wondered if a streaming service would be bold enough to recreate the bloody brutality and outright debauchery depicted on the page. Those fears were allayed as soon as Jack Quaid’s Hughie found himself covered in burgundy and holding his girlfriend’s severed arms, but there are still lines Amazon won’t cross, are there? Tek Knight, for example – the parody of Batman suffering from an obsessive compulsion to have sex with anything and anyone, from an incoming asteroid to the earhole of his unsuspecting butler.


The boys is getting worse and worse in season 3. In addition to the impending Herogasm show, Amazon’s first full movie The boys The Season 3 trailer reveals Billy Butcher with superpowers, Kimiko slamming Hughie’s arm like an overcooked fry, and a first look at Jensen Ackles in action as Soldier Boy. As The boys gears up for its most evil season yet, could the TV adaptation take that extra step… and finally introduce the perma-humping Tek Knight into live-action? If the Easter eggs hidden in The boys The Season 3 trailer is any indication, Hughie should invest in some earmuffs…

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The photo below shows a meticulously assembled homemade investigation chart hidden away in a closet, and one of the many clippings bears the title, “PARALYZED WOMAN IN TEK KNIGHT HOSTAGE RESCUE.” This article is a reminder to The boys Super Victim Support Group footage from Season 1. As Butcher and Hughie listened, a participant in a wheelchair revealed, “Tek Knight saved me…I just wish it was a little gentler on my spine.” Another headline says “QUEENS WOMAN KILLED IN HIGH SPEED CHASE” and, judging by the attached photo, this article appears to report on the death of Hughie’s girlfriend, Robin, from The boys‘ very first episode.

Commission of Inquiry in The Boys

These Season 1 Easter egg flashbacks prove that someone is working very hard (some might say obsessively) to identify supe wrongdoing – even the incidents before The boysTV Timeline – but their efforts probably aren’t aimed at sending a letter of complaint in strong terms to Stan Edgar’s office. Whoever collected these various supe crimes intends to do something drastic, and since A-Train (Robin’s killer) is both too quick to catch and too protected by the Seven, Tek Knight would be the target. the easiest – especially since there isn’t actually a Compound-V topic in The boys“, reflecting Bruce Wayne’s lack of superpowers. The boysThe Season 3 trailer might hint at a storyline where a well-meaning vigilante embarks on an anti-Su sup crusade, starting with Tek Knight for carelessly paralyzing a woman he was supposed to save.

At the very least, longer The boys continues to lay Tek Knight Easter eggs, the more his eventual debut becomes inevitable. Batman’s deviant presence is now recognized in all three seasons of The boys, so it’s surely only a matter of time before it debuts in full. Some may wonder if Amazon would really goes there, but after Love Sausage in The boys season 2, it almost seems redundant to retain Tek Knight at this point.

The new Herogasm event also works in favor of Tek Knight. Vought’s super orgy is inviting heroes across the land, and Tek Knight would no doubt be among them. With Vought’s best all gathered for Herogasm and an amateur sleuth keeping tabs on heroes’ collateral damage, you wouldn’t bet against Tek Knight doing his live arc in The boys season 3.

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