The Easter Bunny distributed eggs, some filled with candy, some with condoms, at an elementary school. “Chaos” ensued: reports

When a parent dresses up as an Easter Bunny and goes to elementary school, it’s usually a good time for the kids.

Great photo opportunity. Good memories for all.

But that’s not how it happened at an elementary school in Austin, Texas, on Friday. Not even close. In reality, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported thatwhat may have started as an act of good heart quickly turned into “chaos” when not all of the eggs this Easter bunny parent gave out contained candy.

Instead, the newspaper reported, some of the children opened their eggs to find…condoms.

It is quite easy to understand how the “chaos” could ensue.

The newspaper reported that administrators at Gullett Elementary School sent a letter to parents explaining what happened. According to KXAN, the school said the visit, which took place during pick-up time at the end of the day, was neither planned nor approved by the school. And, a district spokesperson reportedly said the school was reviewing safety protocols while calling the event “an incredibly negligent and improper action by a parent.”

It’s not debatable, and Austin police are reportedly reviewing to decide whether charges should be filed.

But it may not have been an intentional inappropriate action, according to the report.

Instead, another school parent allegedly said the Easter Bunny parent went to school to pick up their second grade student when they decided to throw away the costume they had on and hand them out. candy. This parent, according to the report, was “mobbed by children” and called on her husband to bring more candy-filled eggs to school to hand out. And that’s where things seem to have gone off the rails, as the relative is claimed to be a pharmacist who wore the bunny costume because she wore it to a safe sex clinic earlier today.

She distributed condoms in eggs at that clinic, according to the report.

Her husband brought the wrong eggs to school.

Alicia R. Rucker