The Easter Bunny visits elementary schools

MONONGAH, W.Va. — The Easter Bunny visited students at Monongah Elementary School on Tuesday.

Members of the Easter Bunny and Marion County Rescue Team (WBOY image)

Accompanied by members of the Marion County Rescue Team, the Easter Bunny visited each classroom to give each student a candy-filled egg and either a high five or a hug.

Each year, the Rescue Team partners with the Marion County School Board to bring the Easter Bunny to every school in the county to bring some joy to children before the holidays.

“Last year we had a lot of COVID, so some of the kids weren’t there last year, so we have a big overwhelming response this year,” said Stephanie Vandetta, deputy chief operating officer, MCRS. “We are so happy that there are no masks so we can see their faces and their smiles. They are so excited when they see the Easter Bunny.

The Easter bunny wasn’t the only animal to visit the school (WBOY Image)

She added that as a rescue team, it’s important to work with the community and show children that it’s not scary when they see a first responder.

“They get to know us and we can do fun things with them and we don’t always have to show up in a serious situation,” Vandetta said.

Her son Frankie Vandetta, a Grade 1 student at Monongah Elementary, said he was really excited for Easter and looking forward to all the chocolate he can get.

On Wednesday, the Easter Bunny will continue its three-day tour to all Marion County schools in the Watson and White Hall area.

Alicia R. Rucker