Three Hopes – Easter Eggs and References

Musou style Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes isn’t without little references and Easter eggs sprinkled throughout each run. Like most easter eggs, they won’t exactly help players during their quest. Since this is set in an alternate timeline, it’s only natural that there are references to the predecessor, Three Houses. Most of them can be found in Supports or by talking to people around the camp during each new chapter.

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Unfortunately for newcomers to Fodlan, players diving into Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopesthey are expected to have played Fire Emblem: Three Houses. There are many references to the previous game, and some lore isn’t elaborate, making some concepts a bit confusing for newcomers. Shez can find camp materials that will explain Fodlan’s world-building and the Crest system, but unless players sit down to read 11 pages of narration, it’s easy to miss what’s going on inside. certain times. Below are several Easter eggs and references that Three Houses fans may have missed three hopes.


6 Support from Dimitri & Raphaël

At some point in the Azure Gleam route, players can talk to an NPC near the market. Talking to her has no benefit, but she mentions someone lifting a cart without any help. While this might be unnecessary babble to some, it seems to be a slight reference to Dimitri and Raphael’s C support in Three Houses. In the Support, Raphaël mentions that he heard some people talking about how Dimitri “lifted a whole wagon all by himself”. This prompts Raphael to ask Dimitri if he has a particular training regimen.

In truth, Dimitri’s incredible strength is partly due to his minor Blaiddyd crest. Bracket B for Raphael and Dimitri doesn’t mention the wagon, but it does show Raphael completely exhausted from overworking himself trying to mimic Dimitri’s exercises. Fortunately, Raphaël seems to be recovering at the end of their support.

5 An iconic line

It goes without saying that Ike, the protagonist and deuteragonist of Fire Emblem: Path of Shard and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn respectively, is known for its Smash Bros.. victory line … at least to non-fire emblem Fans. While there’s more to Ike than the “I fight for my friends” line, that’s not the purpose of this easter egg/possible reference. Shez gets the chance to recite Ike’s victory line in his C Support with Catherine when she asks him who/what serves as motivation to fight.

Depending on which part of the story players unlock Bracket C, “I want to defeat the Ashen Demon” will appear as a third option. Choosing “I fight for my friends” will surprise Catherine, and she will say that it was not the answer she expected from him. Since Shez’s main motivation for working with the Empire/Kingdom/Alliance is money, this could also be considered a bit of character development.

4 The flowers of Sitri

In Byleth and Jeralt’s A Support, Byleth will give their father a set of flowers in thanks for being there for them. Since their C support had Jeralt drawing similarities between their child and Sitri, his wife, most fans may have seen this coming for the A support. These are the same flowers Jeralt gave him in the CG cut by Cindered Shadows. Unfortunately, despite being named in the support, Sitri does not appear in three hopes.

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This could be less of an easter egg and more of an intentional reference to Three Houses. However, anyone who does not know Three Houses or even Cindered Shadows DLC may not draw this conclusion. Support asks Jeralt why Byleth specifically chose these flowers. If nothing more, that’s just another similarity that Byleth shares with their mother.

3 What could have been

Continuing on from Jeralt and Byleth’s A-support, Jeralt casually mentions how different things might have been had Byleth been enrolled in the Officers’ Academy. Ironically, he claims that Byleth is not made for teaching, which Three Houses seems to say the opposite. The Easter Egg itself doesn’t seem to appear until after Byleth is recruited in Chapter 10 of Scarlet Blaze.

If players visit the Tactics Facility, they can find Byleth standing next to the blackboard and behind the desk. It’s possible this refers to Byleth’s role as a teacher in Three Houses. Oddly enough, they cannot be found at the Tactics Facility office in Azure Gleam and Golden Wildfire. Of course, not recruiting Byleth means it won’t happen at camp.

2 Gifts at the market

Visit some student rooms in Three Houses would show an armored bear sitting on a chair or on a desk. The armored bear plushie is a gift that players can give to units to increase their morale. Giving this gift to Edelgard, Bernadetta or Lysithea will double their support points. In three hopesplayers can find not only the plush, but several other goodies around the camp.

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There’s the landscape portrait (preferred by characters like Ignatz) and behind the item vendor is a goddess statuette and riding boots. While they’ve made cameos around Base Camp, most of these freebies won’t be available for purchase until players upgrade the Item Trader facility.

1 Introduction to Byleth’s Tactics

Giving Byleth the Merc Whistle will allow Shez to use Byleth’s unique ability: Divine Pulse. This allows Shez to stop time and inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy before the timer runs out. This is a useful ability that can easily be missed if players fail to recruit Byleth or give the Merc Whistle to someone else. However, the easter egg/reference here is the Tactics Primer. In Three Houses, Jeralt will need Byleth to run to his office to retrieve a key item for him. This is the Tactics Primer, which must be shown to Jeralt in order to begin using Three Houses‘Functionality of battalions.

Other references to Three Houses by Merc Whistle, the gifts are the Azure Dagger and the Imperial Crest Pen. Dimitri seems to have a habit of giving daggers to his friends, thanks to an old tradition in Faerghus. Edelgard’s Gift, while not as useful in combat, could be a reference to the Timeworn Goose Quill, one of Edelgard’s lost items in Three Houses.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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