Uncharted Movies Easter Eggs to Watch

Last week, I had the chance to see a pre-selection of the new Unexplored movie. Almost immediately after watching, I sat down to compile a list of my favorite Easter eggs that I think you should look for in the Unexplored movie.

For everyone who’s lived under a rock (looking at you, mom), Unexplored is a popular action-adventure video game series. The games follow a character called Nathan Drake who is a treasure hunter and travels the world to discover historical treasures and solve mysteries. The game has enjoyed universal success over the years. Having shipped over 41 million units, it is also one of the best-selling game franchises of all time. One of the series’ biggest draws outside of the actual gameplay has always been its rich storytelling combined with its cinematic character, making it an almost obvious choice for a video game to screen adaptation.

the Unexplored The film is directly based on the video game franchise and stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully, Nathan’s mentor. Originally the movie was supposed to be released in 2020, but because the world seemed to be starting to crumble around the edges, it was delayed to 2022. Although I don’t think the Unexplored The movie will win all the awards, it is without a doubt one of the best and most enjoyable game-to-movie adaptations in recent memory.

Uncharted Easter Eggs You Don’t Want To Miss In The Movie

Now, enough ramblings from me, here are some of my favorite Easter Eggs AKA Things you might have missed – WARNING, spoilers may follow.

A small moment of epic proportions

A moment included explicitly for fans of the franchise was shown near the very end of the film. There’s a brief scene of Nathan and Chloe walking on a beach when a random person starts chatting with them. Now, fans may not have recognized this man’s face, but they will almost certainly have recognized his voice.

The cameo man is none other than Nolan North, a popular voice actor in his own right but most recognizable as the voice of Nathan Drake in video games. Not only was this brief inclusion a great way to honor fans of the games as well as the games themselves, but it also felt like a passing of the torch moment when the two Nathans spoke. It was one of those touching moments where you can feel the tightness in your chest as your heart swells a few sizes.

This scene

Easter eggs to watch out for in the Uncharted movie

This is probably the most obvious Easter egg of the bunch, as it’s been shown in almost every trailer leading up to the film’s launch. So in the film, an iconic action sequence unfolds when cargo is thrown from a plane with Nathan strapped to it. While visually pleasing and creating an adrenaline-fueled addition to the movie, anyone unfamiliar with games might not realize just how epic this moment really is.

Although the film made some location changes, the entire cargo plane sequence was almost a scene recreation scene from a section of Uncharted 3: The Drake Illusion. The way it was recreated was magical and was a great way to pay homage and embrace what it means to be part of the Unexplored franchise.

A ring straight out of the games

Easter eggs to watch out for in the Uncharted movie

Now, that’s just something I’m going to mention but not go in for fear of spoilers. In the film, we are introduced to Nathan and his brother Sam and are quickly told that they are orphans who have no connection to their families outside of each other. However, the only thing they have is a family heirloom in the form of a ring that Sam wears on a chain around his neck before giving it to Nathan. Fans of the gaming franchise will instantly recognize the ring as the same around Nathan’s neck from the games.

The ring reads “Greatness From Small Beginnings” in Latin, and if the movie’s post-credits scene is anything to behold, the ring will play a much larger role in the sequel.

The case of the missing Mustache and Cigar

Easter eggs to watch out for in the Uncharted movie

Throughout the movie, we see a version of Victor “Sully” Sullivan who not only looks like a much younger version of his in-game counterpart, but also with a lot less hair on his upper lip. Even though previous Uncharted movie trailers showed Sully rocking his signature mustache, it was missing for most of the movie.

Until the post-credits scene, though. In this short clip, we see a Sully whose look is much closer to the video game version. It’s the addition of his signature facial hair that instantly steals the show, and it’s also something Nathan immediately laughs at before grabbing a cigar and tossing it to Sully – officially welcoming to the screen that Sully fans know and love, even though he’s still a bit young.

A lighter steeped in history

Easter eggs to watch out for in the Uncharted movie

One of the most prominent forms of comic relief used throughout the film comes in the form of a lighter that Nathan carries with him that rarely works. In the film, we see Nathan repeatedly pulling out this old lighter that was a gift from his long-lost brother Sam. We also see Nathan constantly disappointed by the lighter’s inability to ignite time and time again. However, he also refuses to get rid of it, which came in handy once the lighter finally worked and helped reveal a pretty big clue.

This lighter, it turns out, is one of the film’s most iconic nods to the games where Nathan and his brother Sam are often seen using this same lighter to solve various puzzles and help them find a treasure.

A dad joke straight from the games

It was an Easter egg that I would have completely missed had it not been for my partner’s hysterical laughter when it appeared. One of the fundamental aspects of Sully in the games is the character’s unique humor scene, and by that I mean his annoying dad-style jokes. Love or hate Mark Wahlberg’s take on Sully, he ended up capturing much of the mannerisms and dialogue that made the character a fan favorite in games.

During the film, there is a scene where Chloe and Nathan become trapped in an underground crypt quickly filling with water, threatening to drown them both. After Sully manages to save the day, he looks down at Nathan and Chloe and says, “Well, well, well” (because it looks like they’re in a well, got it?) However, that line was more than just a cringe-inducing joke; it’s more of a cringe-inducing joke straight out of the games where Sully can be heard making the same joke more than once…

If you haven’t gone to watch Uncharted yet and are still on the fence, don’t be. Honestly, the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice, nor do the words.

While straying from the source material in parts, the film stayed true to the one aspect that really matters – the essence. It’s an Uncharted movie that looks like Unexploredand it’s that spirit that allows the film to be a steady stream of fun, from start to finish, whether you go into it as a pre-existing fan of the franchise or not.

Alicia R. Rucker