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There are many collectibles to be found in Forbidden Horizon West, but most hidden of all are the three war totems. These small wooden figurines are references to God of War and can only be found through extensive exploration.

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As these totems can be quite difficult to find, we’ve grouped their locations here – to make it easier for you to grab those cool little Easter eggs.

War Totem Location

HFW War Totems Totem Of War Menu

The first totem is a representation of Kratos from God of War. To find this totem, head to the point above on the first map. Aloy will notice an ax stuck in a tree and can examine it for traces. Follow the tracks to the second location on the map and you’ll find a cabin.


The tracks run through an area guarded by Sunwings and Stalkers, so be very stealthy or be prepared for a fight.

In the snow under the shelter of the cabin, you can find the War Totem near some barrels. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.

Youth Totem Location

HFW War Totem Youth Totem Menu

The second Totem is a sculpture of Atreus, the son of Kratos. It can be found marked on the map above, on a platform of ruins not far from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hang onto the platform and pick it up to add to your collection. Watch out for the Stormbird in the area – you’ll either have to sneak up and grab the Totem first, or kill the Stormbird first.

Fellowship Totem Locations

HFW War Totems Brotherhood Totems Menu

On the map location above, Aloy will spot a hammer stuck in a dead machine. Examining the hammer will reveal a trail leading to the nearby island.

Follow the trail and you’ll find a small opening with what appears to be Cauldron tech inside. Grab the Brotherhood Totems from this opening and add them to your inventory.

What do you get for collecting all three War Totems?

HFW War Totem War Mark

After catching each of the War Totems, you’ll receive a new face paint – the Mark of War. This face paint mimics Kratos’ appearance, covering Aloy in pale white and leaving a red mark on her left eye. Wear it proudly and take on the biggest machines you can find.

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