10 Biggest Sex & Town Easter Eggs (So Far)

Sex and the city was the show that put HBO on the map as a premium TV provider, and now it’s back, in a way, in the form of a revival, And just like that. But this time the women are in their fifties and under Samantha, who has moved to the UK. But at the same time And just like that is a different story now that women are at completely different times in their lives, it always pays homage to the original.

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There were several instances, in fact, even in the first two episodes that celebrated Sex and the city for fans who were glued to their TV screens watching the original every week. Only die-hard fans, however, might have noticed them.

ten Mention of Carrie as a member of the jury

Carrie and Berger go out at night in Sex and the City

In one scene, Carrie talks about having to go to her job on a podcast, and she likens it to jury duty, which implies that she doesn’t really want to do it but it’s part of her brand, so she doesn’t. has no choice.

It is in fact a reminder to Sex and the city. In one episode, Carrie is called to serve on the jury, but civic duty quickly becomes a metaphor for her then troubled relationship with Berger. Fans will remember that in one of the scenes that live rent free inside every fan’s head of Sex and the city, Berger broke up with her via a post-it.

9 The Manolo Blahnik

Carrie standing in a dress with a towel over her head looking at her blue Manolo Blahnik shoes in a scene from And Just Like That.

These shoes might have just seemed like a fashionable choice to wear at Lilly’s piano recital. But this is not the first appearance of these insanely expensive shoes: they were an integral part of Carrie’s life in Sex and the city.

The reason she chooses them for such a special occasion, and why she shows them to Big to see if he recognizes them, is that they are the same ones she wore when Big proposed to her, and when they were. are married at the courthouse. Knowing this, the symbolic nature of the shoes crumbles after she throws them into an even more moving pool of water during the heartbreaking scene.


8 Records and wine

A great dance while holding a glass of wine in a scene from And Just Like That.

Carrie and Big were happily childless, focused on their careers, personal lives, and each other. The show wrote pandemic in script, Carrie referring to the new routine adopted by the couple during the lockdown: playing a different record every night and enjoying the listening over a glass of wine. It’s not an entirely new concept, however.

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Back in the show’s fourth season, just before Big decided to move to Napa, he and Carrie danced together in the apartment to the song “Moon River” while sipping wine. It was a nice callback and a reminder of one of the most romantic episodes in the series.

seven Theme song remixed

Carrie wearing a pink tutu from the Sex and the City opening scene.

The theme song, with Carrie running through the streets of New York City in a pink tutu (which only die-hard fans of Sex and the city costs just $ 5), has become an iconic piece of pop culture history. But while the same song doesn’t appear in And just like that, a remixed version of it does.

The instrumental song, which never had a name beyond “Sex and the city theme, “was written by Douglas J. Cuomo and Tom Findlay. A remixed version of the chorus is heard at the start of And just like that, but for the most part, this new show is musically self-sufficient.

6 Oven Sweaters

Big hug of Carrie from behind in the kitchen in a scene from And Just Like That.

When Carrie arrives home with fish for dinner, fans wonder if anything has changed and she might suddenly be cooking. This idea is quickly crushed when she prepares the food for Big to cook. He jokes about how she’s gotten a little deeper in this department since she “used to put her sweaters in the oven.”

This is in reference to the original show where Carrie revealed that since she had never cooked, she used the interior of her oven as extra storage space for her clothes, of which she had tons. Now all of her clothes are in a closet where they belong.

5 Cosmopolitan and drama

Carrie and Miranda seated at a table in a restaurant, talking to a woman standing in a scene from And Just Like That.

Miranda’s favorite drink seems to have gone to Chablis, or even whiskey. Women were born out of their desire to indulge in a Cosmopolitan (or two) at brunch or while enjoying an evening at the bar. Maybe they now have more refined tastes than the sweet cocktail would satisfy, or maybe they gave up on the drink, as shown in the movie, because it wasn’t “cool” now that everyone was ordering them. .

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Yet the drink that Sex and the city On its own, made incredibly popular over the course of its airing has always been praised in the new show. While discussing his constant arguments with Stanford, Anthony rolled his eyes and said to Carrie “I hope you like your cosmos with a dramatic side.”

4 “Hello lovers”

The second Carrie said those two words when she walked into her elaborate dressing room, fans of Sex and the city got goosebumps. Carrie had always been obsessed with expensive shoes, and she said the words for the first time while looking at shoes in a store window while walking down the street with Samantha. She loved clothes too, with one of Carrie’s best quotes from Sex and the city referring to the fact that she loves her “money where I can see it, hanging in my closet”.

Seeing her selection of shoes has always brought Carrie joy, so when she looks at them with satisfaction and says “hello lovers” fans realize that some things haven’t changed about her.

3 Several mentions of Samantha

Hands holding a card that says "Samantha" in a scene from And just like that.

Even though Samantha, who was a big part of the original, doesn’t appear in the new series, she is mentioned several times. While walking and talking, Carrie reveals to Miranda that she has held out her hand several times and Samantha does not respond, holding a grudge over a professional breakup.

In the most touching scene, however, Carrie is annoyed that flowers are on Big’s casket when she explicitly tells the funeral home that she doesn’t want them. But she decides to keep them there when she reads the card and sees that they have been rescued from Samantha.

2 Character cameos

Bitsy von Muffling greeting the ladies at brunch in a scene from And Just Like That.

Several characters from the original series and two films made short appearances in And just like that, including Bitsy von Muffling, who meets the trio at lunch and asks about Samantha (yet another mention of the missing character). She is also seen once again at Big’s funeral, speaking about the death of her husband who, in the original, was played by Nathan Lane. Muffling was one of the supporting characters fans hoped to be in the rebirth of Sex and the city.

Another returning character is Susan Sharon, who was there during Carrie’s Aidan time. She alludes to wanting to let go of a rift between herself and Carrie that Carrie apparently didn’t even know existed.

1 Charlotte’s dog’s name

Charlotte Burt Reynolds' dog in a scene from And Just Like That.

Fans of Sex and the city will recall that Charlotte’s dog, a spaniel, was called Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense that the dog was still alive, but Charlotte has a new one.

Another rescue, this one is a French Bulldog and his name is Richard Burton, who was Taylor’s husband on two occasions, and supposedly his only true romance. It makes sense for Charlotte to carry on the tradition, but those who haven’t watched the original may not have understood the Easter egg.

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