10 Coolest Easter Eggs In New Cars Buyers Need To Know About

The idea of ​​the “easter egg” has been around for decades, with manufacturers hiding all sorts of features or sketches in various hard-to-find parts of their cars, with the sole purpose of pleasing the person who finds them. . Most of the time these are just drawings or hidden references, but in a few cases these easter eggs can even be used to play tricks on other passengers (looking at you, Tesla).

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The range of Easter eggs in new cars is surprising, as they can be found on many models that most people wouldn’t expect with hidden features. American makers seem to be leading the way in including Easter eggs, but they’re far from the only ones, as German, British and even South Korean makers seem to be secretly hiding fun little extras for kids to find. drivers. Let’s take a look at ten of the coolest things you can find in new cars today.

ten Tesla Model S – Mode 007

The first Tesla, the Roadster, was based on a Lotus Elise, which may explain why the Model S has a Lotus-related Easter egg hidden in its infotainment system. To access, hold the Tesla logo on the touchscreen and type “007” when prompted for an access code.

The famous Lotus Espirit submersible from the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, then appears on the screen. The “Depths” menu that follows can be used to tune the car’s air suspension, with the car crouching lower as the Lotus submersible is told to go.

9 Jaguar E-Pace – Jaguar and Cub

In the corner of the windshield of the Jaguar E-Pace, we distinguish the silhouette of a Jaguar followed by a small. The same design also appears in the puddle lights that illuminate the floor below the doors as the driver enters the car.

According to Autocar, the reason these big cats appear on the car is to represent the relationship between the E-Pace and its larger, faster sibling, the F-Pace. The small one represents the E-Pace and the larger cat represents the adult F-Pace.

8 Jeep Gladiator – 419

Take a look at the left rear of the Jeep Gladiator and drivers will find a heart symbol next to three numbers: 419. That might not mean much to anyone unfamiliar with area codes. Ohio regionals, but it’s actually a subtle nod to the Toledo plant where the truck is built.

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The factory has an area code of 419, hence its sneaky inclusion on the back of the truck. The Gladiator also has several other Easter Eggs to findincluding a small drawing of a Jeep Willys hidden on each wheel of the truck.

7 Genesis G70 – Logo Light Puddle

Puddle lighting is a very useful innovation, allowing drivers to see if there’s anything they don’t want to get into as they walk up to their car. They are also a great opportunity for builders to add their personal touch to greet the driver upon arrival.

Most Genesis models, including the G70, have a puddle that displays the Genesis logo on the ground next to the car. Including a logo in the puddle lights isn’t a new idea, however, as it’s been a popular modification among Land Rover owners for years.

6 VW ID.3 – Pause and play pedals

VW is leaning on its line of ID cars to help them transition from internal combustion to electric power, and the ID.3 is currently the smallest model in that line. Perhaps in an attempt to give the car some character to separate it from its many rivals, VW has included a “play” and “pause” logo on the throttle and brake.

It’s not a new idea, however, as the European market Renault Twingo RS already did the same trick several years ago, putting a pause logo on the clutch pedal and a stop logo on the brake pedal.

5 Jeep Renegade – Ciao baby spider

The Jeep Renegade is another car full of easter eggs, but one of the easiest to spot is the spider hidden by the fuel cap. It greets drivers in a hybrid of Italian and English, with a speech bubble saying “Ciao baby!”

It was speculated to be a tribute to the car’s Italian-American roots, with Jeep heritage but made in Italy. Or of course, maybe it was just that a member of the design team got bored one day, scribbled something down, and the idea stuck.

4 Volvo XC90 – Hidden Spider

If finding a spider in the fuel cap wasn’t enough, Volvo decided to take the XC90 one step further and hide one inside the car. Look inside the third row storage bin and passengers will be greeted by this friendly looking spider with its own web.

The easter egg is believed to have been implemented when the designers of the car needed a way to reinforce the lid, so reinforcing ribs had to be added. But, rather than make it a nondescript model, the Swedes opted to add a friendly spider to every XC90 instead.

3 Ram 1500 – Center Console Math

Hidden in the storage compartment under the Ram 1500’s center console armrest is an unusual feature: a math help sheet. It has several conversion charts, including a standard to metric wrench conversion chart which, although unlikely, might be useful for anyone who wants to work on their truck themselves.

There’s also a fraction-to-decimal chart and, inexplicably, the Pythagorean Theorem, just in case anyone wants to do some extra math in their truck. It might not be very useful, but it’s a fun hidden feature nonetheless.

Another clever easter egg hidden in the Jeep Renegade is in the car’s unusually shaped taillights. Look closely at the center of the light and a seven-slot grille and headlights can pretty much be made out.

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This is, of course, an homage to the iconic Jeep design that has adorned the brand’s cars for decades, although it does seem a bit ironic given that the Renegade shares its platform with the Fiat 500X crossover and not with the rest of the Jeep lineup.

1 Tesla Model 3 – Fart mode

Long car journeys can get really boring, so why not prank your passengers while they’re cruising down the highway? The Tesla Model 3 allows drivers to choose a seat of their choice to make a fart sound, thanks to the central infotainment screen.

The fart sound can either be triggered on demand via a button by pressing the left steering wheel, or it can be triggered when the driver puts on the turn signal. Either way, it’s sure to cause embarrassment to an unsuspecting passenger, especially if they’re unaware of this Easter egg themselves.

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