11 Easter Eggs and Details You May Have Missed in the New Trailer

Marvel Studios continues to write history in Phase 4. After the first director to helm a complete trilogy and the first origin story on Disney+ comes Thor: Love and Thunder, the first time a single-player franchise has received a fourth installment. Director Taika Waititi reunites with main man Chris Hemsworth in this post-Avengers: Endgame adventure that tells the road of the god of thunder to redemption.

The much-requested trailer depicted this redemption arc by showcasing the training montage of Thor, as he transforms from “daddy bod” for “God bod.” Beyond that, fans got their first look at Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, the actress’ first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in nearly a decade.


Despite everything the teaser delivered, one key character was conspicuously absent: Christian Bale’s butcher-god Gorr. With “blow your mind” promises about this trailer from Hemsworth himself, fans went into this new footage with high hopes.

Immediate reactions to the official trailer were overwhelmingly positive, but fortunately for those who held their breath until July 8, the news Thor 4 images offer much more than what is on the surface. Without further ado, here are 11 Easter Eggs, Hidden Meanings, and Plot Details of the New Thor: Love and Thunder trailer.

The Korg Campfire Story


Space Viking Thor Odinson.


The second Thor: Love and Thunder The trailer opens with Taika Waititi’s Korg telling a campfire story about the titular character. As evidenced by the familiar tree in the background, this takes place on the same planet the God of Thunder retreated to.

Although this scene takes place at the beginning of the trailer, its context could place it in the last moments of the film. Korg could catch up with its audience on the “500 times” Thor saved the world in the past, or he could chronicle the life of his inactive Asgardian pal.

That, or it could be a homage story to the original Avenger after he passed away. Considering this is Hemsworth’s fourth solo Thor film and his ninth appearance in the MCU, love and thunder could very well be his swan song. If the mighty follow his father’s path and evaporate into the stars, it “The Space Viking Story” could serve as a tribute.


New Asgard Tourist Attractions

Thor New Asgard

What is old becomes new again.

After their home planet was destroyed by Surtur and half of their people slaughtered by Thanos, the remaining Asgardians found refuge in Norway, claiming a plot of land for themselves. First revealed in the opening act of Avengers: EndgameNew Asgard rebranded the ancient royal civilization as a fishing colony, as Asgardians swapped their golden robes for neon rain jackets.

Not only did the Blip restore the missing half of their population, but they also gave the country a facelift. New Asgard has been turned into a tourist attraction, with moored cruise ships and a golf course.


As evidenced by the merchandise, New Asgard’s new look will play a major part in the fourquel, even though the majority of the adventure takes place off-world. That said, the country is far from free of high-octane action.

Thrown in New Asgard

New Battle of Asgard Thor

These Asgardians can’t take a break.

This trailer’s Mighty Thor reveal is sped up early in the sequence, as Natalie Portman’s hero fights side-by-side with his old flame. Hemsworth’s Thor is equally confused, uttering a puzzled word, “Jeanne?!” when the Mjolnir wielder arrives.


Background-based ” stay away ” and the blah-” text on the buildings, this battle appears to be taking place in New Asgard itself. The powerful duo battle the Black Berserkers of Gorr, indicating that the God-Butcher will make his presence felt on Earth before targeting other Earth entities.

Beyond that, this scene confirms that Jane will have been on the world at the start of love and thunder. Considering Thor begins with the Guardians of the Galaxy in space, Foster’s Mighty Thor might have some crime-fighting experience by the time her ex-boyfriend finds her.

This rejection also includes a bit of trailer trickery.


The Return of Thor’s Helmet

Thor new helmet

Winged helmets have officially arrived.

Mighty Thor rocks her helmet in most of her battle-ready appearances, but Thor himself joins her in a frame. The Thunder God dons a new winged helmet that covers his face, unlike the one he briefly wore in 2011 Thor and the Sakaar combat armor he wore in 2017 Thor: Ragnarok.

If this photo of Thor’s winged helmet looks out of place, that’s because it really is. When Thor reaches out for Mjolnir for the first time, he rocks his sleeveless, fur-coated shoulder pad suit. When the hammer returns to Jane’s hand, Thor’s reaction shot includes the winged helmet, as well as the red and gold sleeved jumpsuit.


This could be due to Thor upgrading his armor mid-battle, which he’s been known to do, or a costume swap specifically for the trailer, like the Cap’s Nomad costume in the Avengers: Endgame official trailer.

How long did this last?

Thor Jane Foster

Eight years, seven months and six days.

Thor wastes no time in making it very clear that he hasn’t stopped thinking about Jane. Although Natalie Portman hasn’t physically been in a new Marvel project since 2013 Thor: The Dark WorldJane Foster was directly referenced in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarokand Avengers: Endgame waiting.


What happened to Jane in the meantime, no one can guess. Did she continue her scientific studies? How did his relationship with SHIELD change after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Was she the victim of Thanos’ snap?

This last issue came up significantly in just one line of dialogue. Jane wonders if it had been “three years” since she last saw Thor, to which the Stormbreaker-wielding hero corrects her at eight and changes. Ignoring the fact that at least a canonical decade has passed since The dark worldJane being off by five years, the exact time that elapsed between the Snap and the Blip, indicates that she could have been reduced to atoms after Avengers: Infinity War.

Gorr! Gorr! Gorr!

Gorr the Butcher God, Thor, Love and Thunder

Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself becoming the villain.


Christian Bale’s first role in a comic book movie since 2012 The dark knight rises sees him swapping the Batarangs and Cowl for the Venom-bound Necrosword and White Cloak. Meet Gorr the Butcher God, the vengeful antagonist bent on slaying deities across the cosmos.

This trailer features plenty of silver shots of the pale white villain, including images of his face before he assumed his “all gods must die” mission statement. This indicates that love and thunder will also serve as Gorr’s origin story, which, while staying true to the comics, is riddled with tragedy.

Mjolnir improvements

Jane FosterThor

Some reassembly needed.


Thor’s first weapon is back, this time in the hands of Jane Foster. As evidenced by the cracked hammerhead shown in the first trailer, this is the same Mjolnir that was shattered by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok.

However, Mjolnir has not been permanently restored.

During an action sequence on Olympus, Jane throws the hammer at an array of Olympians. Mjolnir shatters again, each piece taking out an individual attacker, before reassembling once it returns to Jane’s hands.


The Lightning Thief

Valkyrie Zeus Thor

Step aside, Percy Jackson.

During a one-on-one clash with Gorr, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie can be seen wielding Zeus’ famous lightning bolt. Considering how protective the Greek god of thunder is of his possessions, it’s unlikely that this iconic weapon was gifted to Valkyrie.

With an antagonist defended as a butcher god bringing Zeus and the Olympians into the fold was never conducive to their fate. If Gorr finds Olympus, it’s not going to end well for the Greek gods.


Hostile Olympus

Fight against Thor Olympus

A divided house cannot stand.

Although they have been welcomed with open arms to Olympus, things quickly turn hostile for Thor. The Asgardian can be seen battling Olympians in blue robes, before being chained by Zeus’ chains of lightning. Oddly, Jane and Valkyrie watch from the crowd, amused by their friend’s torment, much like Loki on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok.

Eventually, Jane will come to her ex’s defense, as shown with the aforementioned Mjolnir upgrades, but why she’s waiting for things to get tough remains a mystery.


Thor and company’s mission to Olympus is likely to warn their fellow gods of the conflict to come. Zeus might take offense to this and humiliate his Norse counterpart, which would explain the appearance of Thor’s birthday costume at the end of the trailer.

The Hall of Statues

Guardian Thor

What a Phase 4 for the Living Tribunal!

The mysterious three-headed deity makes his fourth appearance in the past calendar year, following Easter egg-sized cameos in Loki, What if…?and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


The Living Tribunal is one of the many notable statues in this hall. Surrounding Jane Foster are also depictions of Uatu the Watcher and Mistress Death.

Fans will recognize Uatu as the almighty watcher of the multiverse ever since. What if…?and comic book readers know Mistress Death as the catalyst for the print version of Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. On the page, Thanos is looking for the Infinity Stones as a way to “run death”, his wife of interest.

Aren’t you amused?!

Russell CroweThor

All salute the king of the gods.


Russell Crowe’s Zeus makes his full debut in the tag of this trailer. Surrounded by women, Zeus “movies” too hard and sends all of Thor’s curtains out of his body.

This iteration of Zeus fits the campy vibe of the Olympians in Marvel Comics, much like how Classic Loki is portrayed by Richard E. Grant in the Loki Disney+ series. While his bolt in the hands of Valkyrie earlier in the sequence doesn’t bode well for his fate, we hope he has a demigod son running around Olympus somewhere.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.


Alicia R. Rucker