All Easter Eggs in Stray

The cat adventure game 2022, Wander, has many mysteries and secrets for the player to uncover while exploring the world as a cute feline protagonist. Still, even through all the secrets and mysteries you may encounter, there’s probably plenty you might have missed while going through the game early on.

There are many underlying messages and easter eggs scattered throughout the game, referencing popular games and shows. Below is a list of all Easter eggs and hidden secrets that can be found in the world of Wander, plus a guide on how to find each Easter egg and what each contains.

All Easter Eggs and Hidden Messages in Stray

Stranger Things Easter Egg

The stranger things The Easter egg refers to the first season of the hit Netflix show where Will Byers communicates with his mother Joyce via electronics. This easter egg can be found in Chapter 1, with a series of televisions and lights paying homage to stranger things.

The Simpsons Easter Egg

The nod to the popular adult cartoon show appears at the bar in Midtown where the protagonist can find a neon sign that reads “DUFER BAR”. This neon sign refers to the name of the beer used in The simpsonsDuff Beer, which is a staple in the series.

Persona 5 Easter Egg

A character named Sojiro owns a bar in the video game Persona 5, who draws similar comparisons to a character with the same name you meet in Wander. The Sojiro in Wander is also in a bar of Stray’s Downtown.

Skyrim Easter Egg with Sojiro

The only series with more than one Easter egg in the game, the first Related to Skyrim The easter egg you can find actually relates to the same easter egg you encounter from personas 5 with Sojiro. This same character you meet at the helm formulates a line very similar to the most infamous line in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: “…then I took an arrow in the knee.” In Wander, Sojiro says a slight variation saying he took a knee screwdriver instead.

Skyrim Easter Egg at the Waterfalls

The second Skyrim-The linked easter egg you can encounter occurs in the sewer area near the waterfall. Here, players will meet a character named Jenkins who says a line common to many merchants of Skyrim say, “Some may call it junk. I call it treasure.

Gravity Falls Easter Egg

Image via BlueTwelve Studio

The critically acclaimed Disney series has found its way into Wander like an Easter egg that can be found in the library. Once in the library, players can find a book that has many similarities to commonly used journals around the world. Gravity Falls series.

The only difference between these journals found in Wander compared to Gravity Falls are that the six-fingered hands are a cat’s paw instead of a hand to match the feline theme of Wander.

Back to the Future Easter Egg

Two characters, Seamus McFly and Doc Brown, are referenced in Wander in homage to the Back to the future movies. In Wander, the two characters named after the Back to the future the characters feature similar designs to each other, making the parallels between each character even more similar.

Criminal Easter Eggs

Infamous criminals Pablo Escobar and Al Capone are referenced in Wander, properly in prison. Once at the prison, you meet and talk to two characters named Pablo and Capone before trying to escape from the prison.

half life easter egg

The popular video game series half life is referenced at the station. There you will come across two empty wagons where a crowbar is located. This crowbar refers to a famous weapon in the half life video games, often used by the main protagonist throughout the series. The design of the presser foot in Wander is a close replica of the one used in half life, and both feature the prominent red coloring with the metal tip at the very end.

Technical Game Designer Easter Egg

A downed robot named Alterizer is near the prison area, which is named after the pseudonym of tech game designer Hugo Dunas-Wald, an important part of Wanderthe production.

Developers saying “Hello You!” Easter eggs

In the slum area, players will encounter a QR code on the TV that can be scanned. If you scan this QR code, you will receive a message that reads: “Hello!” it’s developers from Wander.

Dungeons and Dragons Easter Egg

Two characters named Lynn and Pinu can be seen talking about forgetting to set up a session and a character sheet. Although the names make no reference to Dungeons and Dragonsthe conversation they have is a reference to the popular tabletop game.

Nujabes Easter Egg

The song “Counting Stars” by the late Japanese record producer Nujabes is referenced in-game by a busker named Morusque. When asked, the busker will play his take on “Counting Stars” through a song called “Cool down,” which is just as catchy as the original it covers.

B-12 Name hidden message and easter egg

The name B-12 is a tribute to the game’s developers, BlueTwelve Studio, and can be found throughout the game in various guises. So if you ever wondered exactly what B-12 meant throughout your first playthrough of the game, it’s a tribute to the game’s developers.

This completes the list of all hidden messages and easter eggs found everywhere Wander. Since its release, the game has continued to be viewed in a positive light, where it was Steam’s top user-rated game of 2022 as well as a “no frills buy” in a July 18 review.

The newly released game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Microsoft Windows via Steam where it was released on July 19.

Alicia R. Rucker