An Easter Bunny distributes condoms to a Texas elementary school

This week, a parent from Austin accidentally donned an Easter Bunny outfit and handed out condoms to elementary students.

A parent, Nathan Jensen, who teaches at the University of Texas, became concerned after receiving a notification from Gullet Elementary School.

“I’m not sure this is the weird Austin I signed up for,” he said.

The woman in the costume claimed she was overseeing a safe sex presentation at a nearby clinic and left – in uniform – to pick up her second year student from school. This move made her immensely popular on campus.

Students swarmed her as she began handing out candy-wrapped Easter eggs. After emptying her stash of sweets, she asked her husband to bring more. He delivered the (bad) eggs.

School officials asked the woman to leave, so she walked away a short distance and continued to distribute various goods.

“We are working to review our safety protocols to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” a district spokesperson told KXAN. “It was an incredibly negligent and inappropriate action by a parent.”

Texas Attorney General candidate George P. Bush had this to say about the comedic event:

“Radical left wing parents and school administrators are out of control trying to exploit our children while they are in school,” Bush tweeted. “As AG, I will hold school districts accountable for their failures to protect our children.”

Alicia R. Rucker