Bubble O’Bill Easter eggs are about to hit Australian supermarkets – with Bubblegum noses

As of 2020, cowboy-themed ice cream fans have two options: smash your way through a classic ol”https://concreteplayground.com/sydney/food-drink/Bubble O”Bill on a stick like you always did, saving the bubblegum nose for last (of course), or get into a Bubble O’Bill tub. It’s good, good and tasty, but frozen desserts can’t keep a lasso of the fictional Wild West figure based on confectionery – because Bubble O’Bill Easter Eggs are now a treat that really exists.

Slated to hit shelves at Woolworths on Wednesday March 16, the 160 gram chocolate eggs do not, however, have the shape of their namesake. They’re regular egg-shaped, but with swirls of strawberry marbling, caramel bits and chewy berry bits mixed with Chocolatier Australia chocolate.

Do you like the chewing gum part of Bubble O’Bills? Of course you do. And they’re still included in the Easter egg version, with five found inside once you crack open all that chocolate.

Turning a beloved Streets ice cream into an Easter egg isn’t just Bubble O’Bill’s domain. The Golden Gaytime Easter egg returns to both the Woolies and the Coles this year, which sports the same caramel flavor as the frozen dessert and is coated in Golden Gaytime breadcrumbs. And, it’s available now.

Yes, Easter is still over a month away – Sunday, April 17, 2022 – but that just means you have plenty of time to stock up or mark the occasion weeks in advance. Being an adult means eating Bubble O’Bill and Golden Gaytime Easter Eggs whenever you want.

Find Bubble O’Bill Easter eggs in Woolworths stores from Wednesday, March 16, priced at $10 each. Golden Gaytime Easter Eggs are now available at Woolies and Coles.

Posted on March 08, 2022 by

Sarah Ward

Alicia R. Rucker