Call the Easter Bunny and other fun ways to reach the Holiday Bunny

Get your phone out, because it’s almost time to call the Easter Bunny. Yeah, that’s one thing. Since Christmas has passed in the blink of an eye and Valentine’s Day has left us for another year, Easter is the next stop on the holiday train. With that? The Easter Bunny, hiding chocolate eggs, Peeps and other sweet treats for your kids that mom may or may not indulge. The Easter Bunny might not be as popular as Santa Claus, but you could say he’s definitely cuter (and furrier). And just like St. Nick, the Easter Bunny has a mystical side that might have your kids wondering, “Where does he live?” How does he find all those delicious eggs? Does he have a family?

If you want to know the answers to these questions – or better yet, have your kids ask the bunny himself – you’re in luck. Thanks to the beauty of technology, there are Easter Bunny apps and devices that allow your own little bunnies to reach the Easter Bunny directly (yes, it seems bunnies talk). Keep reading for all the ways you can connect your kids with the rabbit, the myth, the legend itself.

Call the Easter Bunny

This Call the Easter Bunny app lets the bunny call you! It has a pre-recorded phone call from the Easter Bunny at all times. Then it will call your children at that time and ask them questions including their names. He will also tell them that he will fill their baskets with sweet gifts since he recognizes their good behavior. And the most valuable part? Every conversation is voice-recorded so parents can save it to your camera roll so you can revisit that memory over and over again. Share the magic via your social networks or send the moment as a cute video to grandma and grandpa.

Send a letter to the Easter Bunny

There’s a place called Easter Island, and while no one knows exactly where the Easter Bunny lives, some people believe it lives there. We can neither confirm nor deny that the Easter Bunny lives on Easter Island. But we can confirm that your child might receive a response if they send a letter to: Easter Bunny, Easter Island Post Office – Rapa Nui, Isla da Pascua, Chile. The Easter Island Post Office would display Easter Bunny letters, and citizens and tourists can adopt an Easter Bunny letter or two to write a friendly note to the child.

Follow the Easter Bunny

Are your kids curious about where the Easter Bunny goes when it comes to delivering Easter eggs and candy to kids? The Easter Bunny tracker provides updates on its whereabouts. It also tracks the total number of baskets delivered by the Easter Bunny, the number of carrots eaten along the way, its previous stop, and even its speed (apparently, it travels over 3,000 miles per hour). If you want to increase your children’s excitement when the Easter Bunny visits, this will do it!

Email the Easter Bunny

If kids are too impatient for regular mail, they can email the Easter Bunny. Simply fill out the form with your email address to sign up for the Easter Bunny newsletter. You will receive a confirmation email and then you will receive correspondence during the Easter season. It will include the latest Easter Bunny scoop, as well as emails from Helpers and Little Easter Bunnies, and much more, including fun Easter Bunny jokes.

Call the Easter Bunny’s Voicemail

Sometimes the Easter Bunny is too busy to pick up the phone. Hey, those chocolate eggs can’t indulge! Calling the Easter Bunny’s voicemail is the best thing to do. With this free app, your kids can make calls to the Easter Bunny, listen to his voicemail, then record and play a voicemail for him. There’s also an option to text the Easter Bunny where kids can tell him how good they’ve been this year and see if he responds.

Alicia R. Rucker