Candyman: 7 Easter Eggs You Missed In The 2021 Sequel

Nostalgia is a huge seller in Hollywood these days, with many movie franchises from years past receiving updates for modern audiences. The horror genre is no stranger to this effect. Classic horror movies like the ones from 1992 Candy, starring Tony Todd, spooked viewers with his use of bugs to further amplify anxieties.

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It served to establish an all-new terrorist movie villain that would return in multiple sequels. The most recent sequel stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and has paid many tributes to the original. Familiar settings, references to creators, little details usually spotted on a rewatch: Candy (2021) is full of tributes to his predecessors.

seven Candyman filmed scenes at Cabrini-Green, the site of the original

The Cabrini-Green housing projects in Chicago are the sight of Candyman’s original crime series in the 1992 original. The setting makes a return appearance in the 2021 film and serves as a common thread between the two. The use of the setting further accentuates the unique choice of location – Chicago is not often the scene of famous films. The predominantly black population of this area lends itself more to relevance to the heart of the Candy myth. Those who are less valued in society are often victims of its evil horrors.

6 The author receives a cry

A fascinating character seen in the 2021 film is Burke, played by Fear the living dead‘s Colman Domingo. Burke serves as an unofficial welcoming committee, allowing Anthony to learn more about the community. Burke enjoys reading, as evidenced by his choice of a Clive Barker novel.

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However, this turns out to be more than just a detail. Barker is the author who created the character of Candyman in his short story, The forbidden. This tribute is an easy way to recognize the hard work that went into developing these characters before they made their way to the big screen.

5 This baby looks familiar

Several interesting things are revealed in Candy on the protagonist Anthony. Most significant is its presence in the original Candyman, he was the baby kidnapped by the titular villain. In addition to the story follow-up, the 2021 film further honors previous installments by reusing the exact same sound of Anthony crying like a baby.

It’s a miracle that Anthony survived his first meeting. Audio cues like these are often used in movies, helping audiences subconsciously remember key cinematic moments from the past. Easter eggs like these are subtle enough to go unnoticed, unless fandoms from the show exist to rewatch those movies.

4 Say his name

Anthony is a seemingly ordinary main character as Candy begins, but is revealed about his connection with the Candyman. In the end, the character becomes the new incarnation of the villain and sets out to fill the role.

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The fascinating detail of Anthony’s transformation is the number of times his full name is spoken before his turn. His name is spoken exactly five times, which matches Candyman’s common trope appearing after speaking his name five times. This demonstrates the care and dedication given to the script of Candy and is just a clever nod to mythology.

3 Anne-Marie carries the weight of the past

Anne-Marie McCoy is one of a handful of returning characters from the original Candy. The literal scar of these events is discerned from the gash on his left arm. This is in fact proof of his fight with Helen Lyle following the disappearance of her son, Anthony. The haunt of Anne-Marie’s life seems to have subsided for some time, even though she remains estranged from her son at the start of Candy.

Considering the horrific events she has been through, as well as being in custody and undoubtedly in mental health facilities, it is a miracle that she does not suffer from emotional health issues. Her son ends up becoming the villain’s new incarnation, further compounding the trauma she experienced nearly three decades ago.

2 Scriptwriting finds a way

One character who meets his end at the hands of the titular villain is Clive, so named after the aforementioned creator of Candyman. Trying to escape, Clive mumbles a phrase familiar to fans of the original. jurassic park, insisting that those who flee from Candyman “must go faster”.

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Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm invented this iconic line while stepping away from the jaws of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He draws parallels between this animal monster and the insectoid theme of the Candyman. Both are forces of nature that relentlessly crush those who cannot resist them.

1 Mirror on every wall

The pattern of mirrors and knowing the true nature of oneself is a recurring theme of Candy. Antoine often finds himself spellbound by his own reflection, generally thanks to one or more unforeseen elements of said reflection. Eagle-eyed viewers should keep their attention glued to the mirrors in the film, as Candyman often appears, either prominently or in the background.

It honors the character’s supposed power over the household item, as well as every scene with a bit of tension. We often have the impression that the Candyman follows the viewer from one scene to another.

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