Creative Ways to Decorate Your Easter Sunday Table | News

Easter is a spring holiday that marks a great opportunity to shed the remnants of winter and dress a home in bright, colorful hues.

At Easter, tulips and daffodils can sprout, lilies are displayed in churches, and many other springtime touches are incorporated into home decor. Celebrants who will be hosting families or more intimate Easter gatherings can extend eye-catching upgrades to the dining table. Easter centerpieces are a great way to add color and ambiance to interior arrangements.

Here is an overview of the different ways to decorate the table for the Easter holidays.

Container filled with carrots♦: Adopt an Easter bunny theme by hanging a bundle of carrots in a glass vase or bowl and garnishing it with orange, yellow and other spring-themed flowers and greens.

Wicker basket: ♦ Weave purple willow stems into a basket or braid them together to make a ring. Then fill with colored Easter eggs or flower petals.

Nested flowers: ♦ Buy a wooden or wicker basket and weave or stick small twigs in it. This will give it the look of a natural bird’s nest, which is one of the markers of the spring season. The nest may house spring flowers, such as tulips, or contain Easter eggs.

Easter Bunny Garden: ♦ Fill a shallow ceramic bowl with floral patterned foam or other green filler. Place a gold chocolate bunny or ceramic bunny in the center and place small tea lights and a small glass box of pastel colored candy eggs to complete the picture.

Take a look :♦ Marshmallow Peeps® are an Easter staple and can have a place outside of Easter baskets. Line a small vase with Peeps. Place cut flowers inside for a festive centerpiece.

Rainy day decor: ♦ April showers bring May flowers. Flaunt that sentiment by purchasing an inexpensive pair of brightly colored rubber rain boots. Place fresh cut tulips in narrow glass vases, then slip the vases inside the bunches for a fun, festive table conversation.

Floating flowers:♦ Stick the stem of a flower in a square of bubble wrap. Place in a small jar filled with water and watch the flowers float over it. Tint the water a pastel shade if desired.

Bouquet of painted pine cones: If you have leftover pine cones from Christmas decorations or a pile the kids may have picked up in the yard, paint them bright colors for an Easter makeover. Place it in the container of your choice and add faux or real greenery to complete the bouquet.

Alicia R. Rucker