Disney+: Daredevil Series Easter Eggs

As the first Marvel Netflix show, fans were expecting a lot from daredevil. And the show managed to deliver what it promised – a smart, sometimes dark, sometimes funny story with a likable hero who was easy to cheer for. Combined with the strong acting performances, most notably courtesy of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, the show had a lot to offer and ran successfully for three seasons.

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It worked even for those unfamiliar with the comics, but fans who regularly read comics and are familiar with them may have noticed a lot of easter eggs in the series that gave it even more charm. Some of the Best Marvel Comics or MCU Easter Eggs in daredevil were hard to spot and only die-hard Marvel fans noticed them, much to their delight.


6 Robotics Asano

At one point, Daredevil goes to the docks as he suspects his enemies are carrying something important. Turns out it’s not something but someone – Black Sky is actually a person! The scene takes place mostly in the dark and contains a lot of action. As such, it’s easy to miss that the container carrying Black Sky carries Asano Robotics.

Curiously, this comic book reference is not related to Daredevil but to another famous Marvel superhero: Iron Man himself! In the comics, Yoshida Asano, the lesser-known Iron Man villain, owns the Asano Robotics company, and he’s bent on getting revenge on the United States after the events of World War II.

5 The brother named Mike

Leading a double life is not an easy task, as several superheroes have learned over the years. Matt Murdock did his best to separate his Matt Murdock character, the lawyer, and his Daredevil character, the superhero. One of Matt’s less clever schemes was to pretend he had a twin brother named Mike! This storyline didn’t last long in the comics because it wasn’t such a hit and also from a logical standpoint it would be hard for Matt to keep lying if he and his twin never showed up at the same place.

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Despite its obscure status in the comics, the series makes clever references to it. When Claire Temple tends to the injured Daredevil, he does not give him his name, and instead Claire begins calling him Mike. Claire could have chosen any different name, but by using Mike, the first season proved that the writers knew their source material well.

4 How Matt Murdock went blind

One of the series’ earliest moments is when Matt rescues another person as a child and becomes blind as a result when chemicals from crushed barrels get into his eyes and burn his eyesight. Considering how dramatic the scene is, it’s easy to miss that the barrel label reads 0464.

The MCU often uses numbers to put in fun references and Easter eggs, and this is a good example. 0464 is not a random number at all. This means April 1964, which also corresponds to the first daredevil comic has never been published!

3 The true nature of Melvin Potter

The series often introduced more obscure characters from the comics but changed their character. Such a change happened with Melvin Potter. In the series, he’s a kind but scared man who designs armored suits for Wilson Fisk because he fears what would happen if he said no. In the end, Melvin comes across as a good guy and easy to sympathize with. This is not the case in the comics where Melvin Potter was a villain. He took the nickname Gladiator and became one of Daredevil’s first enemies. The only similarity between Melvin’s on-screen character and the comic book character is that in both cases he worked as a costume designer, and he also ended up working with Daredevil in the end.

It took longer for him to make amends with Daredevil in the comics, and before he did, Gladiator tried to cause trouble for the masked superhero. Viewers familiar with Melvin Potter’s comic book background may have noticed parts of the gladiator costume in his workshop in the show, and if that wasn’t enough of an Easter egg, there’s also a poster of gladiator hanging on the wall.

2 Stan Lee cameo

Stan Lee sadly passed away in 2018, but before that, no Marvel fan could imagine a Marvel movie without his cameo. Unfortunately, those daredevil viewers who had hoped to see Lee on the show in person were disappointed. Stan Lee made an appearance on the show, but not in the way people might have expected.

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As such it was easy to miss as it was a brief event, blink and you will miss it. In the final episode of the show’s first season, Stan Lee’s portrait photo is seen hanging on the wall of the police station for a short time. The portrait suggests that Lee may have worked for the police himself at some point!

1 Doubtful Novels

Foggy Nelson is Matt’s best friend and he really cares about Matt. As such, he’s not afraid to call Matt out on his bad habits. Foggy mentions one of them when he says that “if there is a beautiful woman with a questionable character”, Matt will most likely start a relationship with her. This single line is more than just innocent teasing between good friends, however, as it pretty much describes Matt’s romantic inclinations in the comics.

Not only is he dating Elektra, who is an assassin and unpredictable, but he was also romantically involved with Black Widow, a former assassin! Unfortunately, since Natasha died in Avengers: Endgame (2019), it’s highly unlikely the MCU will ever show Black Widow and Daredevil reuniting, let alone dating.

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