Easter Bunny Bounces at Vancouver Mall

“Say, ‘Rabbits! “”

“Rabbits! “

“Say, ‘Carrots! »» »


7-year-old Cora Hanson beamed at the camera, showing off her two brand new adult teeth. Behind her, the Easter Bunny served as looks – waving, bowing and striking the thinking man pose.

Melissa Brewer of 4Ever Photography gave the verbal prompts and captured the moment. Families dressed in their finest Easter clothes lined up next to the elaborate garden set, complete with flowers, giant mushrooms and a white picket fence.

Cora and her grandmother, Gail Hanson, were one of more than 40 families to take part in the spring photo event at the Vancouver Mall on Saturday. Held from noon to 5 p.m., it was the last chance to capture the mall’s Easter Bunny in all his cotton-tailed, velvet-eared glory. The previous photo events, held over the last two weekends, were equally exciting.

For Cora, the photos were just one stop in a saga of Easter celebrations. Catching a few keepsakes on the way out (a garden gnome paper craft and a packet of jelly beans), she said she was looking forward to not one but two Easter egg hunts today: one at her house. and one at grandmother’s.

They do everything for the holidays.

“We come every year,” said Gail Hanson.

The only exception was last year, Hanson noted. COVID-19 forced the celebration of Easter 2020 outside the Vancouver mall, with a drive-through event that allowed children to greet the bunny from their car.

Alicia R. Rucker