Easter bunny, firefighters visit the neighborhoods of Tulalip | New

The Easter Bunny and local firefighters visited the Tulalip neighborhoods on April 3 to help spread the Easter fun safely this year.

The Easter Bunny Run was organized by Tulalip Together We’re Better with the help of volunteers from the Tulalip Bay Fire District.

“The Fire District usually has a Santa Claus Run every year, so we wanted to see if we could do it with the Easter Bunny,” said Malory Simpson, one of the event organizers and founder of Together We. ‘re Better.

The organization normally holds an Easter egg hunt for Tulalip, but since an egg hunt could not be done safely during the pandemic, they wanted to organize something else this year.

“We were trying to find something safe and friendly for COVID,” Simpson said.

The Easter Bunny, a local fire truck and a rescue car came with many volunteers from Together We’re Better to distribute candy and eggs.

“We are giving each child an Easter egg,” said Simpson. “We are going to the Tulalip developments which are within the limits of the Fire Department.”

Families said they enjoyed the event and came to their neighborhood to have a little fun this Easter.

“I haven’t even heard of it, so it’s just a nice surprise,” said local parent Daniel Jones, whose son said he was happy to be able to see the Easter Bunny.

“I think it’s great. Because of COVID, we couldn’t even see the Easter Bunny,” mother Michelle Martin said.

For Martin, it was the first time his children could see the Easter Bunny.

“So it’s pretty important that he can see it, so we’re pretty grateful,” she said.

The Easter Bunny Race passed through at least five neighborhoods of Tulalip during the day.

“We can’t reach all the places in the reservation and we don’t exactly do the Santa Claus run that they normally do, but we hope to reach as many people as possible and that people are happy with what we can put on. together, ”Simpson said.

She was happy to organize the event and hopes the children will enjoy seeing the Easter Bunny.

Simpson said she is not yet sure if the organization will host another Easter Bunny Run next year, but she wants the egg hunt to resume next year if it can be done safely.

Together We’re Better started as a Tulalip organization that hosted monthly potlucks in 2015.

“It’s an organization that started when my mom was asked to bring the community together, and she didn’t know how to do it,” Simpson said.

After her mother passed away, she said she returned to work and named the group after a phrase taken from her daughter’s artwork.

The group helped fund the Easter Bunny Run for local neighborhoods.

“For the most part, it was community driven and funded, and that’s what Together We’re Better, has always been,” said Simpson.

Alicia R. Rucker