Easter Bunny Recovers From Tragic Confusion With Nor’Easter

Easter Bunny Recovers From Tragic Confusion With Nor'Easter

Norton – Millions of people around the world pray for the speedy recovery of a beloved character after he is found on the verge of death in a harsh winter.

Peter Cottontail – known to many as “The Easter Bunny” – was found frozen and barely alive outside of Norton, New Brunswick on Friday.

Although Easter is still 14 weeks away, it seems like all the ‘no’ talkEasterThe famous rabbit summoned by mistake. He materialized somewhere in the woods outside Norton and quickly became disoriented in the midst of the severe winter storm.

Norton Fire Chief Bill Lapin led the rescue team that retrieved the Easter Bunny earlier today. “Sir. The bunny is extremely lucky,” Rabbit said. “If he hadn’t left that trail of brightly colored Easter eggs, we never would have found him in time.

“He was extremely disoriented – we don’t know if it was due to hypothermia or just general confusion as to why Easter was moved to January. Her extremities were severely frozen, so her rabbit feet definitely weren’t lucky today.

His wife, Coneja Cottontail and his 278 children have been notified, but they cannot visit him due to the COVID-19 lockdown at the Saint John Regional Hospital. However, the presence of a valuable international celebrity at the facility boosted the morale of the overworked staff.

“No one famous ever shows up here! Said an emergency care nurse. “It’s a big deal! The Prime Minister has already come to say hello and we took several selfies with the two of them.

“Sir. The rabbit is not out of the woods yet. He has had a sudden onset of flu-like symptoms which we are watching closely.

“Now that I mention it, I don’t feel too good about myself right now…” she said.

Alicia R. Rucker